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LOCUS: Six artists share new directions in a rare exhibition at Blackstone Gallery | 4 Jun - 2 Jul

Newcastle CBD’s Blackstone Gallery is playing host to a unique line-up of artists with the group exhibition LOCUS kicking off on the 4th of June.

Six artists of varied practices visually exchange concepts to reveal experimental transitions of contemplation and reflection towards their natural surroundings. A contemporary response to the Australian landscape by exploration of place.  

locus group exhibition blackstone gallery newcastle nsw

Over the years, co-curators, Leslie Fitzsimmons and Brett Piva have shared admiration for one another's practice through their individual connections to place of the Australian landscape. Through LOCUS, they have considered four more local artists to exhibit alongside that share a similar admiration and connection to place.

LOCUS represents the six exhibiting artists sharing new directions in their work. Painters, photographers, object designers, makers, and sculptors will experiment with newly developed practices which will be shared in the unique gallery environment at Blackstone Gallery.

So, who is exhibiting?

Leslie Fitzsimmons 

Leslie explores her connection to nature and place through her abstract art practice. Colour, shape, and line dominate her works and are the ways in which she experiences and understands the world around her.

locus group exhibition blackstone gallery newcastle nsw
Leslie Fitzsimmons - Wander

Evolving her practice, Leslie expands her visual language by merging her established abstract paintings with geometric pattern making, sculpture, and wall reliefs. 

Brett Piva

Brett Piva is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work intersects two worlds: the natural landscape of the Australian bush and the manufactured surfaces of urbanised space. The organic and synthetic are constantly at play and reflect the other’s attributes.

In his primary practice of verre églomisé, reflection is present in the literal sense. The viewer’s own reflection and their surrounds become part of the artwork; an immersion that creates a transversal of time and space conducive to introspection.

locus group exhibition blackstone gallery newcastle nsw
Brett Piva

Piva’s works are inspired by periods of solitude and field research in remote parts of Australia, where the artist himself reflects on his connection to place and memory.

Harriet Watts

Harriet Watts is a designer, maker, and academic living and working across Awabakal and Gadigal nations – Newcastle and Sydney.

locus group exhibition blackstone gallery newcastle nsw
Harriet Watts

Working predominantly in ceramics, paper, and textiles her practice frequently engages with ecologicial thought and sustainable design theory, including ideas around ephemerality, adaptability, perception, and change. Much of her work is strongly influenced by a relationship to land.

Annika Lee 

Annika Lee is a Newcastle based interdisciplinary artist predominately working with timber and sandstone sculpture. Inspired by life experience, the natural world and her raw materials, she creates abstract sculptures that have a playful sense of flow and balance between form and material.

locus group exhibition blackstone gallery newcastle nsw

It was in moving to sculpture that Annika discovered her love of the hands on, tactile process of making, the challenge of problem solving in 3D, and the satisfaction in the rhythmic, mediative state of chiselling or sanding. While the finished works mark a point of completion it’s the dusty days in the studio that bring them to life. 

Christina Mclean  

For over three decades, Christina Mclean has been obsessed with materials; how they speak and what they say. Her most enduring fixation has been with clay; she’s been throwing, decorating and firing since she left art school in the early 1990s.

locus group exhibition blackstone gallery newcastle nsw
Christine Mclean - Tension

Textiles have also been an abiding love. She’s created textile designs for many of Australia’s top fashion labels, and regularly explores her affection for organic textures and patterns through hand-painting fabric. What ties Chris’ output together is her unique aesthetic, artistic vision, and commitment to hand craftsmanship.

James Rhodes

Dr. James Rhodes is a multi-disciplinary artist who primarily works with photo media, painting, and sculpture. Rhodes explores memory and his own relationship to photographs through the interconnection between the image and materiality of his works.

locus group exhibition blackstone gallery newcastle nsw
James Rhodes - Tall Fall

By playing with the inherent illusion embedded in a medium that is praised for its ability to tell the ‘truth’, Rhodes uncovers his own way of experiencing, and making sense of, the world around him.

Drop into Blackstone Gallery, one of Newcastle CBD’s independent art galleries known for its curation of group exhibitions and delivering exciting opportunities for both local and interstate artists and experience this one-of-a-kind group exhibition; LOCUS.

LOCUS Opening Night

When: 4 Jun | 5pm-8pm
Where: Blackstone Gallery | 470 Hunter St
More Info: click here

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