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Hear from the man behind Newcastle’s favourite fried chicken joint

It’s that time again where we’ll be taking you behind the scenes with our favourite local business owners and creatives to find out where they go to eat, what playlist they’re listening to, where they take their out-of-town friends, and ultimately, what makes them tick.

For our 11th instalment of SPILL, we’re catching up with the man behind Newcastle’s favourite fried chicken joint, Nic Brady of Newy Fried Chicken.

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Nic Brady

Firstly, what and where would people across Newcastle recognise you from?

People would most likely recognise me as the guy who smells like fried chicken. Or potentially from running around Newy.

Where are you from?

Born and bred in the greatest city in the world – Newy.

Do you consider yourself more of an early bird or a night owl?

I’d consider myself an early bird, but the diner has had me going to bed late! I thought owning a business meant driving a Ferrari and living in a mansion, but it turns out you got to work. 

What’s your morning ritual?

My morning always starts with black coffee. Add a run, yoga, and stretching. Then I make breakfast and lunch for my kids and send them to school. Then I head to the diner. 

What’s your coffee order?

I usually just drink black plunger coffee at home before work, but if I was ordering a coffee I would get an extra shot cap in a small cup.

Speaking of coffee, which local venue knows your order off by heart?

I rarely get a chance to order coffee out, but my wife will often grab me a coffee from Lords and it’s always excellent. I also recently had breakfast at Bowie on Beaumont Street and it was elite.

Tell me about your biggest career highlight…

I don’t think I’ve reached the biggest career highlight yet. I’m trying to create the perfect dining experience with fried chicken. The thing is, there’s no such thing as perfection. So, it’s an endless journey to try and be better every day – I love the journey.

In your spare time, what are your THREE top favourite things to do in Newcastle?

Newcastle is an amazing city. Living here, it’s easy to take it for granted. 

My top three things to do would be to run around the harbour and beaches, bush walks at Glenrock or Blackbutt with my family, and beach days. 

If you wanted to dazzle your out-of-town friends and family, where would you take them?

Again Newy is amazing – I’d wanna take them to the Bogey Hole and/or King Edward Park, the Anzac Memorial Walk, or anywhere along the walkway from Bar Beach to Mereweather. 

If I was talking them out for a top-tier dining experience, for me, it would have to be Flotilla.

Beer? Wine? Cocktail? Mocktail? What is your tipple of choice and where do you frequently visit?

I haven’t drunk since 2015, I was too good at it. 

I wish I still drank so I could visit some of the amazing bars we’ve got like The Koutetsu, Coal & Cedar, or Vecina.

On the daily, what’s guaranteed to make you smile?

My wife and kids make me smile daily.

What do you NEVER leave the house without?

Honestly, I’ve probably got undiagnosed ADHD so I forget shit all the time. 

The one thing I wouldn’t leave the house without is telling my family I love them, who knows when a meteor is going to crash into the earth!  

We’re all about keeping it local here at HUNTERhunter – tell me THREE of your favourite local businesses that you live and breathe by and why you couldn’t live without them…

I’ve always been a big fan of Rascal, although I rarely get a chance to enjoy them, I think they are the gold standard for burger joints in Newy.

A favourite for me is La Chosita - the Peruvian food truck in Islington. I love to see the grind and the journey of someone doing what they love. Plus, his authentic Peruvian dishes are incredible. 

Lastly, Boxcamp boxing gym in Gateshead. It’s the best boxing gym in Australia – not only for fitness or technical boxing lessons. It’s the culture and atmosphere – pure positivity!

What are you reading / watching / listening to now?

I’m reading (very slowly) Ikigai, by Hector Garcia. Probably watching Goodfellas for the one thousandth time, and listening to some new rap artist with my son.

If you’re needing a short break away from Newcastle, where do you go and why?

Barrington Tops and Dungog aren’t too far and they’re amazing!

What’s your go-to playlist?

The majority of my listening is the Newy Fried playlist morning and night.

What would you like to see more of in Newcastle?

I’d like to see more small, independent, cool, and well thought out businesses in Newy. Local people having a crack and doing something cool. 

Lucky last – who would you recommend we interview next for SPILL?

You should speak to Jerome O’Connor from Uptowns, Charlies Rooftop, and Ravella – he’s got a bit going on throughout Newy and would have a bit to say!