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Burgers, chicken, anarchy!

Ok we can all stop pretending to like kale now, because 2018 is the year of fast food. Obviously I have been way ahead of the trends this whole time! 

But not just any fast food joint, Newcastle’s newest addition is breaking all the rules and with a menu evolution including American-style waffles, a new double bacon cheeseburger and two new chicken burgers - Mad Dog Tannen and Danny Trejo, things just got a whole lot better.  

Rascal burgers

Joining forces are locally known chefs Tim Montgomery and Tom Robinson as well as Ty Burford from The Burwood Inn Hotel and Tim Perram from Hunter Valley Premium Meats. 

Moving away from their fine dining backgrounds Montgomery explains, “people want fun and as chefs we want somewhere to come on our days off”. For them the design and branding has been key in developing the Rascal identity.  

Rascal burgers

With quality, local produce, every element on their menu from the burger buns to their original recipe chicken and even the sauce has been well thought out, developed and researched.

As well as their eight staple burgers; the chefs will be exercising their creative minds with a Burger of the Week. Add a side and a shake (and maybe a sneaky shot of vodka) and lunch is sorted! 

Rascal burgers

Burgers. Chicken. Anarchy. Rascal is all about mischief and chaos with an original take on the 1950s American Diner. Cannot wait to see how it will evolve in the future!

Rascal burgers