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We first spoke with the creative duo behind Unrivalled Interiors in early 2022. Two years on, this original side hustle has organically grown into a fully-fledged and flourishing business, so we figured it was time to catch up with Jacquie and Joel to hear about their newest collection – Nettuno.

nettuno collection unrivalled interiors competition newcastle nsw

“We love being able to share our brand with other people, it feels like we are sharing a piece of ourselves. We are keen to create something special for the lucky winner’s home!”

Reflecting on their evolution from crafting pieces in a back shed to expanding their business across two relocations, Jacquie and Joel emphasize their commitment to creating unique and bespoke pieces that push the boundaries of art and practicality.

nettuno collection unrivalled interiors competition newcastle nsw

Since its inception in 2021, Unrivalled Interiors continues to focus on custom design and Australian-made craftsmanship, carving out a niche in an otherwise oversaturated market, offering customers the opportunity to express their individuality through personalised creations.

“We love celebrating individual taste and style, Jac is a strong believer in people being able to express themselves creatively through their homes, what they wear, and what they absorb.”

nettuno collection unrivalled interiors competition newcastle nsw

As the brand celebrates nearly three years of growth and success, Jacquie and Joel attribute their achievements to a natural progression fuelled by a passion for their work and guidance from mentors within our vibrant Newcastle community.

“We have also worked with so many other amazing businesses that we have learnt from or lent a helping hand. The small business community in Newcastle alone is amazing, people want to see each other succeed.”

Amidst monumental milestones such as expanding into larger spaces and overcoming challenges like reclaiming its hacked Instagram account last year, Unrivalled Interiors remains steadfast in its mission to redefine living spaces.

Their latest offering, Nettuno, draws inspiration from their travels across Europe, particularly a quaint bar on the Amalfi coast, infusing elements of history and nostalgia into a collection that challenges conventional perceptions of stone.

nettuno collection unrivalled interiors competition newcastle nsw

“We travelled Europe on our honeymoon in July last year, and one of the highlights of that trip was a tiny little bar, in the smallest town on the Amalfi coast, where we soon became regulars called Bar Nettuno.

“We made friends with the barman, Toto, who was the grandson of the couple who owned the bar. It was a small, family-run business that just oozed history and nostalgia which aligns with the values that are important to us at Unrivalled.”

Nettuno, meaning Neptune in Italian, embodies creativity and inspiration, offering a fresh perspective on stone furniture. The new collection brings the illusion of floating pieces and vibrant pink hues inspired by European architecture and landscapes to the Unrivalled range.

Jacquie’s favourite piece, the Valerie June floating coffee table from the new collection, captivates her with its mesmerizing illusion of floating, showcasing the perfect balance of visual intrigue and practicality.

nettuno collection unrivalled interiors competition newcastle nsw

“My favourite piece is the new Valerie June floating coffee table. I love the illusion that it gives of floating, not only visually is it super cool but I love the juxtaposition of having a heavy material like stone, look like it's floating or hovering.”

Meanwhile, Joel finds his passion ignited by the Letty side table, a standout creation in the Unrivalled Interiors range.

“I like the asymmetrical design and how it can be used as a statement piece even though it is a side table.”

nettuno collection unrivalled interiors competition newcastle nsw

Unrivalled Interiors plans to bring out four new collections this year, showcasing their ability to push the limits of stone design, and continuing to redefine how people see and use stone in their homes.

“We also have some amazing projects in the works for both commercial and residential spaces working with some extremely clever architects and interior designers. We are looking forward to getting our name out there with more creatives and continuing to create unique custom design stone furniture.”

For those seeking to experience the epitome of luxury living, Unrivalled Interiors invites you to explore their range of stone pieces online or explore their stockists, including Curated Spaces, Botanica Bird, and Monsoon Living.

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