Cooks Hill


Fashion boutique on Darby St

Where were you when Abicus first opened their doors, well if you can remember back 20 years you're doing better than us

That's right, 20 years ago Newcastle took its first baby step towards becoming a little bit fashion savvy.

20 years on Tiff and Tim continue to bring to Newcastle a smart collection of Mens & Womens staples, a specialised selection of Vinyl and Books, and since making the move across the street the bigger space has allowed them to greatly elaborate on their music selection, specifically vinyl.

From King Krule to John Coltrane, Ray-Ban wayfarers to Hemp T-shirts... Abicus is committed to supporting both local & international artists and designers.

We caught up with one half of the Abicus team, Tim McPhee, and got the low down on all things music, fashion and food, as well as the secret to his and Tiffany's success in retail.

What are some of your favourite fashion labels at the moment? 
Rollas always, Assembly, Hemp Clothing Australia and Nudie Jeans Co.

If you could only have three records in your collection what would they be?
The For Carnation - 'S/T', Nick Drake - 'Pink Moon', Bill Evans Trio - 'The Complete Village Vanguard Recordings 1961'

Outside of fashion and music what are your other interests?
Food & Coffee & Food & Coffee

What's been your secret to success in retail?
Always be bothered.

When you have friends visit Newcastle where do you take them for Lunch?
Momo every time, their coffee, peanut butter shakes, house made crumpets, vegan boards and sticky date is truly next level. The vibe and people also make it a must do.