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It's official Modus Merewether Brewing has opened for takeaway

As of today, following what has been eight months of some seriously hard work, the Modus Merewether Brewery venue is opening its doors for takeaway.

modus brewing merewether

For those familiar with the craft beer scene you will be well across the Modus Brewing name with owners Jaz and Grant Wearin pouring their first pint back in 2014. Seven years on the couple have not only established their second brewery right here in Newcastle, but completely relocated the Modus Brewing head office and their family life to the seaside suburb of Merewether, with Jaz explaining,

modus brewing newcastle

“In Mona Vale we’ve got about one-tenth of the tanks we have here, and we’ve been capacity constrained for a long time, which has been really challenging, but it’s taken us four or five years to find a location suitable for the vision we had for Modus Brewing.”

modus brewery newcastle

Taking a wander around the brewery you can’t help but be in awe at the level of detail and thought which has gone into every aspect of the build with the fortress-like design bringing with it smart sound-proofing and acoustic considerations. The extraordinarily high sliding doors set the scene and it’s here that you’re first introduced to those stunning, rammed earth walls.

The earthy tones and raw textures are a continuous theme throughout and are a perfect complement to the purposely built airy, light filled space. It's this openness and size which takes you a little by surprise, as does the spectacularly large pandanus tree.

modus brewing newcastle

‘We didn’t want to be just known as a place to come for great beer, we wanted to be able to provide a comprehensive offering for everyone. So throughout the building process we’ve tried to do everything differently, and we've had a lot of fun doing it’, says Jaz.
modus brewing newcastle

The task of transforming what was previously a smash repair business was always going to be a challenge, but the location and suburb drew the couple more so because of Grant's family connection than its enviable position as Grant explains,

"My grandfather owned and ran the corner store just around the corner from the Modus Brewery. This was one of the reasons we were so excited to find a site in Merewether."

Today the 20 Merewether St location is barely recognisable with Grant detailing the extent of the challenge they took on,

“It's been a lot of hard work. When we first started the build all we had was a concrete slab to work with, everything else has been gutted, except the old spray booths which have been turned into the unisex bathrooms.”

modus brewing newcastle

Speaking of the bathrooms, Jaz’s design eye went into overdrive with the Modus Brewing wall of tiles which are just one of the many Insta moments,

“Sustainability is critical to our Modus Operandi. These tiles have been nine months in the making, they’ve been made out of recycled shampoo bottles and I was so hell bent on having our logo displayed on them, and it’s been worth all the effort.”

modus brewing newcastle

Whilst the launch of Modus Brewing isn’t exactly how the team imagined it to be, the doors are being opened regardless of lockdown. Excited to share all their hard work, those living in the Newcastle LGA will be able to not only get their hands on the extensive range of beers but will be able to get a taste of what’s to come from the kitchen.

Like everything with Modus Brewing, the food will take you by surprise with Head Chef Matt Buecheler crafting a not-so-typical brewery menu with Jaz explaining,

“You generally think of breweries as offering pizzas and burgers and whilst that’s a part of the menu we have lots of fresh offerings like seafood, super salads and fresh tacos.”

Grant adds, “once lockdown ends and we can officially open we’ll be able to introduce our share plate experience, which will include massive tomahawk steaks, pork cutlets and Matt does an insane brisket. We’re trying to unashamedly step away from the brewery mould and show that we can do food and hospitality as well as quality beer.”

modus brewing newcastle

The luxuriously large space brings with it endless opportunities and ideas aplenty as Jaz enthusiastically explains,

“The building is really flexible, all of the walls can slide so we'll be able to host all kinds of events as well as being able to offer a variety of dining options. I can see night markets popping up and long table functions, and we have plans to create a kids area that can be completely blocked off and hired out for birthdays and functions.”

Whilst you will have to wait a little longer before you can take a seat and order yourself a craft beer or cocktail, a takeaway visit will give you a sneaky glimpse into this extraordinary venture and the passion Jaz and Grant have not only for the beer and hopsitality industry but the Newcastle community itself.

Modus Brewing

20 Merewether Street, Merewether NSW 2291

Today - 1500 - 2100 (takeaway food from 5pm)