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Did your best friend have a big birthday celebration recently cancelled? Or did your Mother’s Day plans get thrown out the window? There’s no doubt that most of us have had some social event canned in the process of all the COVID-19 restrictions.

However, there’s one local gal making the most of an otherwise crappy situation. Adrienne Donnelly and her new business, The Quarantine Cards is here to save the day when it comes to all things Isolation; from birthdays, Mother’s Day, special notes to friends and quirky notes for that person you’ve just started dating.

With business kicking off right in the middle of when isolation was becoming the new norm here in Australia, Adrienne has so far sent over 200 cards to over 60 different customers since the start of April, and once you’ve checked out her designs, you’ll understand why.

“I have had messages from people all around Australia saying how much they love the idea, and how much their family and friends have loved receiving the cards they bought,” Adrienne told me.

But where exactly did the idea come from?

“One of my best friends was celebrating his 30th birthday in April and I could not find any funny birthday cards that acknowledged that we were celebrating his birthday in isolation. I thought to myself, someone should really start a line of cards for the quarantine situation, then I quickly realised I could just start it myself!

“I run my own business as a Virtual Personal Assistant, and I have had some clients reduce their hours with me as their businesses are starting to suffer, so it has helped me to earn some extra money.”

Originally launching with eight designs, Adrienne has now added an extra three. My personal favourite is the cheeky, ‘is that hand sanitiser in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me?’

“When I thought about all the things that we will miss during quarantine; birthdays, engagements, new jobs, anniversaries etc. I thought some generic cards would be good for all those types of occasions which is where the Isolation Celebration cards came from. I then added the Mother’s Day card as that is the biggest occasion we will all miss.

“There are also a few cheeky ones like the hand sanitiser and toilet paper card. I also included a few options for people to send someone they are dating and maybe not seeing as much as they would like.”

The most recent designs include options perfect for school and work environment,  ‘missing my work wife’ (another favourite of mine), as well as a new customised option.

Not one to dwell on the current situation of COVID-19, Adrienne is injecting a little bit of fun, laughter, and smiles into the lives of shoppers with her Quarantine Cards.

“People need a reason to have a bit of a laugh now, and I think Australians are pretty good at being able to find the humour in the not so great situations. There is a lot of people really struggling in this COVID-19 situation, so hopefully receiving a little Quarantine Card in the mail will give them a reason to smile that day. It is nice to know you are somehow helping to make the most of a less than ideal time.”

With plans to expand her custom design offerings, Adrienne will be keeping us all entertained during the COVID-19 restrictions with her quirky, cheeky, and just so god damn relevant Quarantine Cards.

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The Quarantine Cards