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MEET: Annalise McLachlan

Face of Façon Ambassador

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What is it like to be an international model? We sit down with Annalise McLachlan to find out
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With the Face of Façon campaign now in full swing, we thought it best to sit down and chat with Newcastle’s very own international model and Face of Façon ambassador, Annalise McLachlan.

How long have you been modeling for?
Ten years of age I started. So, ten years I’ve been doing it for now!

What do you love about the fashion/beauty industry?
I would have to say being surrounded by creative people. I feel so inspired all the time, and just watching the whole process, how it’s all planned out. Then when it all comes to life and being a part of that is an amazing feeling. I also love the travelling. I mean, I’m so lucky as a young woman that I get to travel.


What has been your biggest career highlight to date?
I got to shoot with Vogue; it was a Victoria Secret collaboration that was, how to get the Victoria Secret look from the 2017 runway show. That for me was a huge highlight…just being around those people and seeing how it all worked.

What would you say is your greatest strength as a model?
I’m a very determined woman, I think that’s my strength…I’m very determined to get where I want to go.

What is your biggest goal as a model?
My dream is to be a Victoria Secret model one day.

What beauty tips do you swear by?
Skincare, for me, is number one. I’ve always taken care of my skin…and what I put into my body. Because whatever you’re putting in, will come out on your face. So, eating healthy and skin care.




You’ve got quite a following on Instagram, has that been a major reference point for your potential employers?
I think Instagram in this day and age is a part of the industry, and I think it’s a part of a lot of people’s lives…it showcases your personality.

What’s been the hardest thing you’ve dealt with since you started modelling?
Living overseas as a young woman was hard. Being away from family, it does play with your mind sometimes…I’m very close with my family and I absolutely adore Newcastle.

What do you love about Newcastle?
I would say the beaches. I mean growing up here; Summer and the salt and being on the beach, spending all day tanning and surfing. I think for me when I think of Newcastle, I think of beaches and just the relaxed vibes that we have here, and I hope that never goes.

Favourite place to eat?
Anywhere along Darby Street or Honeysuckle. They’re like my two favourites. There’s a lot of cool cafes and restaurants there.


Outside of modelling, what else are you passionate about?
I love designing clothes on the side and I adore going to music festivals. I don’t like blending in with the crowd and I love to stand out. I also LOVE yoga. I do that two-three times a week, at Yoga for All in Newcastle. I just love that place.

Do you have a favourite band?
My music taste is all over the place. I go from like rap, to old 70s music to Rihanna. It’s all over the shop…basically a bit of everything.

Do you have any advice for people wanting to get into the modelling industry?
Definitely, don’t give up. Keep knocking at that door, keep pushing it down and eventually it will open, and it will lead to all these other doors that will open and all these other amazing opportunities. I’ve been in this industry for a long time and I’ve had to work hard and keep going; don’t give up.

What excites you most about being an ambassador for the Face of Façon?
Just being a part of this is an amazing opportunity, and I’m so excited for all the young girls to be a part of this. I mean, Façon is a great Newcastle magazine, and my agency Chic [management]; I love that they’re all coming together and being behind this.


Don’t forget that the Face of Façon entries close on 31 August. Get your application in now to have your chance of being the new face of Newcastle’s very own fashion magazine; FAÇON.

For girls interested in applying should visit


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