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The Burwood

From NZ to around the globe, Josh has now landed in Merewether

When I left school, I actually went and stayed on a Marae, which is like a Maori meeting place in a village. Just to learn the culture, wood carving and cooking.

The Burwood has a new chef and he’s bringing some serious talent to the much-loved Merewether pub.

Josh Seaward, an incredibly talented chef hailing from New Zealand has an extensive career that has taken him across the globe, cooking in numerous settings.

Originally leaving New Zealand in 2006 for a stint in Melbourne, Josh has experience working at the highly renowned restaurants; MoMo and Becco. Following was an impressive 6 months at Sydney’s Aria restaurant.

Shooting off to England, Josh went on to spend 2-3 years at an old school Derbyshire Hotel; Fischers at Baslow Hall.

“In between that, I was doing 6-month stints in France in various chalets. Cooking for groups as a personal chef, which I did for about 4 or 5 years.”

Hitting our local shores in 2012, you might have seen him in the Restaurant Mason kitchen over the past 5 years. Wanting a change and searching for a position with the freedom to create his own culinary masterpieces, Ty from The Burwood offered Josh the perfect opportunity.

“It’s been three weeks and when I originally first took the job, the menu hadn’t been changed for a while, so I just pretty much changed it on my first day…and I’m looking at changing it a bit more.”

Still serving their much-loved steak menu, Josh has revamped the rest with a real dedication to seasonal and local produce and a load of winter warming dishes.

“We’ve got duck breast on the menu, which comes from a local supplier, Redgate Farm. Great duck, great birds…the country chicken pie has also been a really popular one.”

With Josh’s extensive experience across the globe and The Burwood’s smart fit-out that would give any gastropub in the UK a run for its money; the space will continue to keep the young and old folk of Merewether, hydrated, full and entertained for hopefully a long time to come.