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It's all about picking you up and getting you home safely

Don't cab or Uber it. FEIKE it!

Daniel Spiteri is the brains behind this brilliant concept, wanting to bring to Newcastle a unique alternative option for getting you and your car home safely after a few drinks or at a time in need. The way it works is, Daniel will drive you home in your car, with his bicycle in the boot, then cycle his way back to the city afterwards.

We had a quick chat with Daniel to get all the details and this is what he had to say,

What made you want to pick up drunk people and drive them home?
Think of the majority of people and their starting work week, say Monday, the dreaded Monday, back to work day, the mood is dull, people aren’t interested in being there. All still thinking of the weekend and how short it was. Now think of my starting work week, everybody is stoked to see you, you get to help people out, so they are very grateful for it. Exercise whilst you work. More quality time at home with my family.

It's not just for the drunks though is it?

No, Feike is also expanding for daytime activities as well, looking at getting people home safely after they have had surgery, it’s always a pain (pun intended) having to get your car home after surgery as you are not allowed to drive. So it’s not just about drunk people but more just helping people out in general.

Can you do a pick-up in any type of car?
Absolutely as long as we can fit the bike in, all is good!! Dimensions are 72cm x 91cm x 49cm, It also fits in the boot of a Mazda 3 so that is a fair indication it fits most boot spaces.

What is the furthest place you’ll do a pick up from?
I regularly do Redhead and Dudley, so that is the furthest I have done so far, it is way past the zone, but if I don’t have a job directly after the ride I am happy to do it. Let me tell you Fernleigh track at 12.30am at night is good fun!!!!

Is FEIKE cheaper than a cab or Uber?
Overall for sure, the customers I have had already all say the same thing, “is that all”? $5.40 a km for the first 6km then $3 per km after that.

Can you book FEIKE on the night or do you need to plan your pick up a day or so before hand?
You can do both, to guarantee your spot though I would pre book.

Is it just you doing the pick-ups or do you have a FEIKE team?
At this stage it is just me, but I am going through the stages now of employing people and having them ready to go when times get busy!!

You must have some pretty funny drunk conversations/moments, any that you want to share?
Not sure what the rating is here but I think I will keep it clean.
I picked a customer up the other day and instead of taking him and his mates home they just wanted me to drop them off at another pub so they could keep drinking, then they proceeded to tell me just get his car home back in Redhead! So off I went without any passengers and dropped his car off, he just wanted it safe at home which I thought was hilarious and brilliant.

How do we book a FEIKE?
On the website or
Call 1800 FEIKE (1800 433 453)
And the App is on the way!