Eat & Drink

Think Coffee & Juice Co.

Are you thinking yet?

A healthy option has arrived on campus.

A new place to graze has moved at the University of Newcastle, in the form of Think. Located in the Shortland building Think has brought to the place of learning a strong, quality, cup coffee to help you get through that afternoon lecture.

Serving locally roasted coffee from Glitch and Floozy Coffee Roasters, you'll also find some Kombucha taps should you prefer your afternoon kicks of the cold variety.

Think aims to bring to the uni a healthier option with many vegan choices, including those bowls of Acai and Coco Whip for a fruity healthy cool down while strolling to the next class.

Purchasing all their fruit fresh from a local supplier and delivered every few days helps to make the smoothies free of anything frozen, apart from the ice that is. There's also freshly squeezed juice to keep the vitamin levels up during the dreaded exam time.

The not so subtle double meaning behind the name is simply, at university you should be thinking, thinking about...

  • What your putting into your body?
  • Where does it come from?
  • Am I being ethical?
  • Is my everyday habit impacting the environment? 

The team behind Think have also been mindful of not hurting anyone during the course of drinking your coffee by purchasing only completely biodegradable or recyclable cups for both hot and cold beverages. 

It's fair to say that this is a welcomed addition to campus.

Think Coffee & Juice Co.

University of Newcastle Callaghan 2308

Today - 0700 - 1500