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St Thomas High Tea

Book your next High Tea in the church at Carrington

If you set your High Tea standards high then we’re pretty sure we’ve found one that will exceed all your expectations.

Located in Carrington, St Thomas High Tea is hosted by the lovely Kathryn McGrath who has very generously opened her stunning home for you to enjoy an afternoon of delightful food and beautiful tea.

Kathryn’s home/church is incredible, read all about it here and it was on our Home Life visit that we discovered Kathryn's love for High Tea.

“I love baking, if we’ve got people coming over I prefer to do either morning or afternoon tea, that’s my thing.

“I am also a big tea drinker, I remember growing up and having afternoon teas all the time and mum would say to me that I used to drain the teapot, I’ve just always loved it.

“I probably would never have thought of doing High Teas if we weren’t living here, but people were wanting to come in and I thought why not, so it’s kind of just evolved from being here I guess.” 

The High Tea.

"I usually do two courses, the first is a savoury course which is a mixture of sandwiches and different tarts. The next course is a sweet course where you’ve got your scones, cheese cakes and little carrot cakes.

"I think it is quite simple food but I go right back to basics, like I make my own jam and everything is made from scratch. I think that’s what people want, and to me a good scone is hard to find.

"When the group is having their savoury course that’s when I make the scones so they come out warm. I hate when you go somewhere and they put the scone in the microwave to freshen them up, that’s one of my pet peeves [laughs].

“I also make the little madeleines and I am very particular with how the table is laid out, I usually get the tape measure out and make sure it’s all perfect.”

The beautiful cups and saucers are a mixture of new and old, some from grandparents and mothers, the teapot was one of Kathryn and Craig’s wedding presents. Others have been bought from antique shops, there's even a few pieces from Kathryn’s own collection including the teapot which was a part of her Queens Plain Wedgwood dinner set that was a wedding gift.

The High Teas are best kept to 6 - 10 people with the group set up around Kathryn’s long table under the stunning stained-glass window.

Gluten free options are available on request and bookings can be made via the website.

St Thomas High Tea

95A Young St, Carrington NSW 2294

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