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Bread & Butter

Takeaway goodies back open

Specialising in custom sambo’s and good coffee.

Looking for a new foodie spot to pick up lunch during your work-day break? Bread & Butter on Hunter Street, officially opened their ‘window’ to lunch-goers mid-December 2019 and have been busy serving up some of the best sandwiches, rolls, and wraps across town ever since.

“Our space opened up late last year and we thought it would be a seamless and reasonably straight forward fit out & a pretty natural fit for the area with all the new office spaces opening up & expanding,” Sheree said.

The hole-in-the-wall sandwich joint is the brainchild of recently married couple, Sheree & Chris and owners of the iconic bar next door; The Koutetsu.

“We saw a bit of a gap in the market in the West End for a quick, hole in the wall style, no fuss breakfast or lunch option made fresh to order.”

Currently, Bread & Butter serves up five separate creations; chicken salad, seasonal salad, ham time, turkey delight and pastrami. All using locally sourced and seasonably favourable meats and vegetables (where possible).

“You can really taste the difference of a sandwich made five minutes after you order it, as opposed to one that’s been sitting there most of the morning in a cold cabinet. We’re putting these things together in front of your eyes!”

If you’d rather skip the carbs and are just after a morning or mid-day caffeine pick-me-up, Bread & Butter pours a mean coffee with the help from Josie Coffee Roasters. Or, if you’re after something a bit different try the Nitro coffee!

“It is always wonderful to support local businesses when possible, and it’s so easy when they’re as brilliant and high quality as Josie Coffee…we’ve also got Nitro coffee – which is something a little different. If you want to give an iced style coffee a go, try this!”

So, for those looking for a killer sandwich, we just had to ask Sheree what the pièce de résistance was…

“The Pastrami. The inspo came from visiting Katz Deli in NYC. They do out of this world pastrami sandwiches. I always make time to visit Katz when I travel in the area.”

Bread & Butter is also quickly becoming known for their house-made sodas, and with Chris from the Koutetsu literally just next door, is it really all that much of a surprise?

“My husband, Chris, owns the Koutetsu and they specialise in some outrageously tasty house made drinks and we thought, why not lean on that sort of talent when it’s there? We decided to partner up to make some unique drinks to have with your sandwich. They’re made from fresh fruit and have way less sugar than your traditional can of soft drink, so you can feel a little lighter walking away with a soda and a sambo.”

And tell me why you chose the name; Bread & Butter?

“I guess it epitomises what we’re trying to achieve. Good bread and butter are the building blocks of a successful sandwich. If you can’t nail the foundations, then the roof will probably fall off, right? We wanted a name that embodies what we’re about; basics done right.”

With plans to offer an online pre-ordering system, a catering service, and an ever-expanding menu; your lunch-time pick-me-up has never been easier!

“We understand that a huge part of what we’re doing is cutting down wait times for people in the area that maybe don’t have time to go to the corner pub for a counter meal or sit down at a nearby café on their lunch break.”

Next time you’re looking for a change in your lunch break, check out Bread & Butter and give their menu a go!