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Charlestown Square Christmas 2018
Charlestown Square Christmas 2018

12 Dishes To Try On Darby Street

Here's 12 suggestions recommended by those who know it best

12 Dishes To Try On Darby Street Image
We wanted to get the lowdown on Darby Street's best eats.
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We dropped in on a bunch of Darby Street's retailers, curious to know what they order on the strip. We discovered some juicy little suggestions that have now gone to the top of our must-eat list. Starting with (and in no particular order)...

1. Natalie and Melissa Hart from Blooms on Darby

If we have to choose one out of the many it’s the dumplings at Dumpling Flavour, Juicy little steamed balls of deliciousness! During our late nights throughout wedding season a quick serve of coriander and beef dumplings drowned in chilli puts a fire under us to keep us going.

A notable mention must also go to Haywire for the Turkish savoury pastries - we love those and the gozleme are also a treat!

Dumpling Flavour

2. Liz from Scout

I eat out all the time and the Red Lentil Dahl from Goldbergs is what I've been ordering for lunch at the moment.
Darby St Dining

3. John from Whitakers

I love Coal River & Co and their Crumbed Buffalo Mozzarella dish, it's definitely one of my  favourite meals to eat on Darby Street.Darby St Dining
4. Sarah from Betty Mim

I love Delucas spaghetti with sausage & tomato ragu, so delicious and the cheesy garlic bread is always a must. Italian food has always been my favourite and Delucas does it oh so well. Their pizzas are amazing too!

Delucas Darby Street

5. Ellie from Cream

The Eggs Beeny from Three Monkeys!

6. Adriana from Monella:

I’d have to say a Buddha bowl from The Autumn Rooms, always delicious and fresh.
Buddha Bowl

7. Nathan WIA

I don’t really know what my favourite is but I eat at Sushi Revolution all the time.

8. Nici from Blackbird Corner

I have to admit that I order the Satay Chicken at Goldbergs everyday followed by a peppermint icecream at Monella.

Goldbergs Chicken Satay


9. Alyce from Willows Home Traders

My go-to is the Spiced Quinoa Salad from The Depot. I love how reliably good The Depot is! Ticks all the boxes in my eyes.

10. Heidi from Custom Eye Care

You can’t beat simple food, done well. So I can’t go past the Avocado and Halloumi on Rye Bread at Frankies . It’s served with poached eggs and a lemon wedge and it’s always cooked to perfection. I love a Sunday breakfast and Frankies serve an all-day breakfast menu which is a winner. I sneak across in my lunchbreak sometimes and I’ve never left disappointed.Frankies

11. Sam from Pork Ewe Deli

What just one! There is so much good food on Darby Street. Gozleme at Haywire, Blue Cheese Gnocchi at Deluca's, Darby Raj for a quick takeaway and the mushroom toastie at The Autumn Rooms all come to mind!

If pushed I would go for the mushroom toastie at The Autumn Rooms. Seriously one the most delicious breakfast dishes I’ve had in ages. Packed full of flavour it’s so much more than a toastie. Perfectly cooked eggs, truffle oil, mushrooms and halloumi, coupled with a good coffee it’s the perfect way to start the day. (see first photo)

12. Morgan from Pushing Pansies

I have never been much of a seafood eater, but after trying my first fish taco in Mexico last year, I soon became a fish taco fan. Beach Burrito has now become my go-to place for fish tacos because they cook it to perfection! The batter on the fish is crispy, and the sauce and salad ingredients are almost exactly the same as in Mexico. Every time I eat there I am always impressed by the close authenticity and flavours.

Beach Burrito


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