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Do guys really care about their hair?

Barbershops are popping up everywhere in Newcastle

Do guys really care about their hair? Image
Driving around Newy lately there is one thing I continuously keep seeing, Barbershops.
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I thought these were a thing of the past or that the remaining ones had turned into a prohibition bar of some sort.

But do guys actually go to the barber? Is this a thing? It is assumed that girls are the ones that spend the money, time and the tedious work of finding the right hairdresser. But are some guys, in fact, the same… or worse?

As an all-girl workplace here at HUNTERhunter we decided to take our questions straight to the source themselves:

Do guys care about their hair?

And if so, where do they go?

“Yes and no. Some guys do. Guys that don’t have to work outside often care more. The guys that do care we go to a barber. You don’t really know what to say when you first go. Like what is a fade? A line in the part, what pomade is? You start to put it together though. Most of the time the barber has a pretty good idea with what works on your head. Barbers just cut guys hair, so they’re generally pretty good about understanding things like cowlicks and beards, they’re often cheaper than a hairdresser too.”



“I think guys are caring more about their hair and liking the experience of a barber shop cut as it’s like a boys club! I think a fresh cut can change your mood like a fresh start.”


Basin Barber

“Guys care about it more increasingly so. Including slobby guys like me. I go to Brunker Barbers because the girls there are fantastic. The prices are great, but the level of service is fantastic. They bring out hot towels after and apply it to your freshly shaven back of your neck. Also, they don’t take bookings. There are so many places that you get a beer and chill out when you get your haircut too. Can be expensive though.”


Basin Barber

Basin Barber

"I care about my hair/appearance. Talking about barber shops with friends has become more common in the last couple of years; previously something rarely talked about. I go to the Alibi Room when I’m not too lazy to book, but happy to go to any barber shop that is available on a day when I feel like getting a cut.”


“Yes, guys do care about their hair. I go to a barber, I find it to be quicker and better at neat and tidy cuts and mostly cheaper.”


"I go to the Barbershop. They are generally cheaper than hairdressers, you don't have to book, and good to talk to a bloke."

- Chris 

"I think it depends on different guys. Me personally, I don't really care about my hair. I would usually go somewhere that is close to where I am, I'm not too fussy, but since moving in town I like to go to the barbers. They are usually good to talk to and make you feel comfortable. I like the one at the end of Beaumont Street at the moment, mainly because they give you a beer while you get your haircut."

- Mitch


So, it turns out I was completely out of the loop and Barbershops are a very popular choice among the guys. The overall consensus? Yes, guys do in fact care about their hair, possibly just as much as us girls, but without spending hundreds of dollars!

Basin Barber

Photo's taken: The Basin Barber Carrington

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