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Austrian restaurant on Darby Street

Bringing something a little different to Darby St

Having previously owned and run a restaurant in Sydney, Bernhard and his wife Sharon decided to make the move to Newcastle, explaining that it was the great vibe that attracted them here.

Bernhard is originally from Austria, which is represented throughout the entire Doppelganger restaurant and menu on Darby Street.

Bernhard explains, “Basically, it’s just some honest to God food”.

“We have a small veggie garden out the back, growing our own herbs, mushrooms… chopping and cooking them faster than they are growing but getting there, slowly but surely.”

For Bernhard it is all about how things used to be, using traditional methods and cooking to order.

The extensive menu offers generous portions of everything from chicken and veal schnitzels to pork knuckle, gnocchi and pretzels. Or just chill out in their beer garden and enjoy one of their cold German beers.

If you have any room left at the end, which let’s be honest you can always make room, they also offer delicious desserts such as Austrian crepes with caramelized banana and Belgium chocolate.

And finish the night with schnapps, used as a digestive at the end of the meal. There is no rush to leave, Doppelganger is all about that European lifestyle, taking your time and relaxing with good food and drink.


161 Darby Street, Cooks Hill NSW 2300

Today - 0900 - 2200