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Broken Bay Pearl Farm

A new seafood delicacy born on the Central Coast

The Akoya Pearl oyster from Broken Bay Pearl Farm is making waves in the culinary world, heralding a new era of gastronomic delight right here on the Central Coast.

broken bay akoya pearl oyster mooney mooney central coast nsw

This native species has been quietly producing some of the world’s finest Akoya pearls for two decades, and now, is set to tantalise our taste buds with its new seafood delicacy.

After years of dedication and hard work, Broken Bay Pearl Farm has received the green light to introduce the Broken Bay Akoya pearl oyster as an entirely new seafood product. This marks a significant milestone not just for the farm, but also for the emerging aquaculture industry in the heartland of Sydney Rock Oysters.

What makes the Broken Bay Akoya pearl oyster so special?

Just like a Sydney Rock Oyster, the Broken Bay Akoya can be eaten raw and whole – with a flavour profile all of its own, it has been described as stronger than the very subtle pearl meat (from Broome) and expressing more typical briny flavours from the sea that oysters are famous for.

broken bay akoya pearl oyster mooney mooney central coast nsw

Don’t be expecting to munch on an additional valuable treat (like a cultured pearl) as the Broken Bay Akoya will be farmed separately for pearls and seafood.

James Brown, the owner of Broken Bay Pearl Farm, emphasizes sustainability and authenticity as core values of their brand. This commitment shines through in their approach to farming and now, in bringing this new seafood delicacy to market.

By working closely with regulatory bodies and industry partners, they’ve paved the way for this exciting addition to NSW’s culinary landscape.

An influx of businesses are already expressing their interest to be amongst the first to serve this local native edible oyster with the first restaurant to serve the Akoya pearl oyster being Saddles at Mount White – only a 10-minute drive from the Broken Bay Pearl Farm Shellar Door.

Check out the incredible lineup of experiences available at Broken Bay Pearl Farm’s Shellar Door including oyster tastings and farm cruises.

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