Cooks Hill

Bull St Retreat

Inner city luxe accommodation in Cooks Hill

It is a mix of quasi-industrial using open steel beams, floor to ceiling glass in the main north facing room, beautiful old bricks & lots of timber

Images courtesy of Nathan Dawes

Thanks to online accommodation booking sites like Airbnb and Stayz, we’re never short of options when it comes for looking for accommodation, and Newcastle is no exception. Whether it be a place for the in-laws to stay or your friends from overseas – the options are plentiful.

Located in the heart of Cooks Hill, Bull St Retreat is no ordinary home-stay. In a stunning fusion of industrial luxury and five-star lifestyle appeal, this bi-level domain sets a high benchmark in sophisticated urban living.

The property was originally an old Cooks Hill miner’s cottage, that was completely demolished except for the front façade and fireplace. All of the old bricks and stones were kept and used in the rebuild in 2016.

Open steel beams and floor to ceiling glass in the main north facing room, with beautiful old bricks and lots of timber; this place truly does have the WOW factor.

The main downstairs room opens up completely onto the beautiful back courtyard. Facing north, it gets lots of sun; perfect for winter and even better for summer!

Bull St Retreat