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Lake Macquarie Hub

With such success operating in Newcastle, Your Food Collective stretches its reach with their Lake Macquarie hub.

Partnering with The Healthful Pantry at Warners Bay, Your Food Collective is bringing local produce to those living in Lake Macquarie.

Connecting people directly to local producers with 95% of those producers coming from within a 200km radius of Lake Macquarie. It’s truly local!

Cousins, Lauren and Cara have been building the business over the past three years with their official launch in Newcastle kicking off just over 12 months ago. Passionate about eating local, the cousins want to not only get more local produce in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie homes, but to also educate our society about our local farmers.

“We visit every single person that works for us…to understand how they farm and get their story”, explains Lauren.

When you shop with Your Food Collective, producers get up to THREE TIMES more than they would through a major supermarket chain. So, that means they can grow a sustainable business and keep bringing us the food we love.

“Our dream is that everyone has access to fresh, deliciously tasty food that’s been grown locally by people they know. That farmers are paid fairly for the work they do so they can continue growing amazing food. And that we all live in strong communities where you know your neighbours and have the support you need to dream big dreams…yes, it all starts with local food!”

Your Food Collective have made buying local easy with their online ordering system. So, what are the benefits of buying local?

Local = Fresher Food
Local = Better Value
Local = Tastier Food
Local = Stronger Communities

Get your orders in by Monday each week to get your produce either delivered to your door or organise a pick up the for the following Wednesday.

Check out the details below of where to get your goodies:

Lake Macquarie Hub –

Where: The Healthful Pantry
When: 3.30pm – 6pm

Click here for info on the Newcastle Hub