Your Food Collective

Ethical, fresh, local food. With new collection points in Kotara, Redhead & Maitland

We caught up with the crew at Your Food Collective recently to get the low down on everything local fresh and fair. It’s hard not to walk away from catching up with these guys licking your lips, feeling excited about supporting local producers and eating amazingly fresh local produce.

Born out of a passion for making local easy by connecting busy households directly to local growers from the comfort of their couch, Your Food Collective have made doing an ethical, super fresh grocery shop look like a walk in the park!

“It’s actually picked to order, which means your food is in the ground until you order it, that’s a pretty amazing way to shop,” Lauren the owner of Your Food Collective explained.

Visiting all of the local producers that they work with, the team at Your Food Collective are deeply passionate about creating a transparent food system. Helping consumers understand how their food is grown, where it comes from and importantly meet the faces behind their food. They’re also pretty proud to say that producers get up to four times more in every dollar you spend with Your Food Collective compared to major supermarket chains. Wow!

As Lauren said, “It’s about creating a sustainable future one bite at a time”.

And they’re growing quickly. Starting out at The Edwards just over 12 months ago, they are now about to move into an exciting new warehouse and open up local collection points across Newcastle and surrounds including Redhead on 9 April, and Kotara and Maitland in early May.

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