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The Source Bulk Foods Newcastle

Reducing waste and plastic

A new, modern way of food shopping. Changing shopping habits.

The Source Bulk Foods originally started in 2012 in Mullumbimby by Paul and Emma. Since then there are now over 42 stores throughout Australia, with the first store opening in Newcastle just recently.

Leanne Saunders was looking to start something different when she fell in love with the store down in Sydney about 12 months ago.

"I saw it and said to my husband that's the store I want to open.

"We were looking for something in Marketown as well, being in the CBD and everything that's going on in town we thought it was a really good position to be in."

Leanne explained the concept of the store, "There are two sides of it, it is about packaging and plastic waste which people can reduce by bringing in their own containers. We do have a range of containers they can buy here, but if they bring them in, fill them and put it in their pantry they are done. There is no transferring from bags to containers.

"It's about getting people to change the way they shop, because it is also food waste, you get people come in and say I don't want a kilo or 500g of a particular product because I only need 150g of it."

Source Bulk Foods has an extensive selection of products including muesli, flour, pasta, oils, honey, nuts, and loads more. There is also a huge range of gluten free, paleo, dairy free, vegan and organic products.

Leanne admits, since opening the store she is learning who her Newcastle clients are and tweaking the products appropriately, while sourcing locally where possible.

The Source Bulk Foods Newcastle

Shop 6, Marketown Shopping Centre, 23 Steel Street Newcastle West, NSW, 2302

Today - 0900 - 1730