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Change up your shopping habits with Sustain Grocery

Photography courtesy of Paul Oakes

We’re all feeling a bit more conscious of how we’re spending our money, and when we do, where that money is going too. Not only that, residents of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie definitely seem to be making more environmentally conscious decisions when it comes to the clothes they wear, the food they eat, and now even the cleaning and self-care products they use.

It’s been incredible to see so many local businesses pop-up across the Hunter region supporting an eco-conscious life, with one more to add to the list, Sustain Grocery, we think this online package-free grocery shopping alternative is here to help change your shopping habits!

Owned and operated by Newcastle-born zero-waste enthusiast, Amanda Rooney, Sustain Grocery is the culmination of two years of behind-the-scenes work bringing Australia’s first full-circle grocery system to life.

sustain grocery sustainable groceries newcastle nsw

“We’re pioneering a new way to shop for groceries by allowing our customers to purchase groceries without producing any waste through our refillable glass jar system,” Amanda shared.

The local brand launched into the market in May this year, and the business has seen a consistent growth of 200% each week since. The current range available through the online ordering system features over 220 non-perishables and long-lasting products including rice, spices, tea, coffee, oils, sauces, nut butter, and more.

“We promote zero waste and ethical grocery shopping through a refillable jar system. We consciously limit product choice per category resulting in a larger variety of quality products. Aside from this, by shortening the supply chain and by directly delivering to the consumer, we’re able to sell our products at an affordable price.”

Launching with the basics, the local brand are adding new products each week based on what customers are looking for.

“We’re currently working on stocking more gluten-free products as well as expanding the types of artisan bread… with restrictions easing, you can expect to see a lot more added in the coming weeks.”

sustain grocery sustainable groceries newcastle nsw

So, how exactly does Sustain Grocery work?

Firstly, you’ll be asked to sign-up and browse the website to order the products that you need. For your first order, you’ll be charged $4 for each jar, before the products are delivered in a signature Sustain Grocery bag.

On your next delivery, the empty jars are collected and the $4 from each jar will be credited to your account to be used on your next order! When the jars are returned, the Sustain Grocery team wash, sanitise and reuse them, making it a full-circle grocery system.

“When we select products, we always choose the most ethical. We look at everything from being local, sustainably grown, small business, organic, and the businesses own sustainability practices. We also want to work with and encourage small producers from our local and rural areas.”

Currently available for delivery across Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, and Maitland on weekdays, to Sydney’s inner west, eastern suburbs, and Sutherland Shire on Tuesdays, and even Tamworth and Armidale on Wednesdays.

“We’re in the process of increasing our infrastructure and are on the hunter for a large warehouse so we can take on more customers. We also hope to be delivering to Canberra, Wollongong, and the north coast early next year.

“There’s clearly a desire from consumers to shop more sustainably and ethically so future growth is unlimited!”

In less than a year, the brand has delivered over 2200 products, that’s 2200 fewer single-use plastics that didn’t end up in landfill. So, why not be a part of that number and get your next order in with Sustain Grocery?

Sustain Grocery