Spritz Lane

Designer handbag hire in Newcastle

Photography courtesy of Solomon Wilks

Alright, fashion-forward people, you might want to listen on into this news; Newcastle has just landed themselves a brand-new designer handbag hire business and they’ve got a range of goods sure to make your next outfit go from 0-100 in seconds. Meet, Spritz Lane.

spritz lane designer handbag hire newcastle

Brought to you by local gal, Ali Pultar, Spritz Lane launched this April with the plan to give Newcastle locals the ability to wear designer handbags without having to break the bank.

With a background in the events, security, and hospitality industry, Ali along with her family were the past owners of Star Hotel, prior to closing during the height of lockdowns last year. If you ever dropped into the old pub on King St, you might even remember the outdoor seating space, dubbed Spritz Lane.

spritz lane designer handbag hire newcastle

“Spritz Lane was originally a concept I birthed at the Star hotel. Turning our incredible laneway into a Spritz Heaven…after we sadly had to shut our doors in March 2020, we, unfortunately, made the heartbreaking decision not to re-open the bar.

“After a short identity crisis as the industry I loved and knew was just not able to operate at full capacity…I thought about my forever love of fashion, make-up, art, and handbags, and this is where the idea of an all-round Glam Bar and handbag hire business. The name was always in my heart – it’s just had a total revamp and identity change,” Ali said.

spritz lane designer handbag hire newcastle

The ball was well and truly rolling in January this year, with Spritz Lane officially launching just last week. Incorporating designer handbag hire, make-up and tanning services, creative design, photoshoot hire and assistance as well as client styling services.

With over 36 bags already available for hire, serious designer handbag lovers can already get their hands on Dior, Chanel, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Balenciaga, Valentino, Furla, Michael Kors, and Kate Spade goods!

“For more, a handbag can make or break an outfit. I’ve always loved the amazing Fashion Houses all over the world consistently evolving the looks, styles, concepts, and colours of their handbags to complement their new ranges and to elevate their outfits. So, for me, it was picking total and utter standouts for our collection.”

spritz lane designer handbag hire newcastle

With plans to always add to the range, the Spritz Lane handbag offering will be consistently updated with new pieces from all of your favourite designer labels.

In addition to the designer handbag hire, as mentioned, Spritz Lane is working in collaboration with Spritz and Glamour to offer a range of services with the aim to be all about glam. From freelance make-up services, mobile and in-house spray tanning services, personal styling services, and creative photoshoots; they do it all.

For now, shoppers can browse the collection online or arrange an appointment to see the goods in person at the Spritz Lane space in Newcastle West. Interested? Just email Ali here.

spritz lane designer handbag hire newcastle

With plans to move into a dedicated retail space and glam bar in 2022, next year will see Spritz Lane and Spritz & Glamour clients able to pop into a fully decked-out space that exudes glam, glam, and more glam!

“This will be where the Glam Bar will come to life. We will have a beauty chair for make-up services, as well as a hairstyling chair and tanning booth. All of our handbag range will be on display, as well as a few luxury clothing items.”

spritz lane designer handbag hire newcastle

Whether you’re in the market to try a brand-new look with your outfit, or just want to feel a little bit fancy for a special event, check out Spritz Lane and get your hands on these designer beauties!