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Palm & Pine Party Co.

Your one-stop shop for all things party!

Offering boutique party supplies from across the world, customisable party décor, baby gifts, drinkware, cards, gift wrap and more!

We all love a good celebration and some of us even love getting to organise and decorate an entire party. But where to get all of your bits and bobs is the question, and Palm and Pine Party Co. is the answer!

Newcastle’s very own premium party supply store, Palm & Pine is the creative product of self-confessed Balloon expert; Andrea.

Located in the booming Newcastle West area right across the road from the recently re-opened Edwards Bar. The space was launched in 2016, with hopes to become Newcastle’s one-stop-shop for premium party supplies.

Owner Andrea and partner Ben have called Newcastle home since 2014, with Andrea hailing from Florida and Ben originally from Narromine, a small town outside of Dubbo.

Andrea has had quite the vibrant career, kicking off at the age of 15 as the birthday party girl at a local petting farm, to organising community events for an American gridiron football team and even exploring the world of marketing, to now having her very own happy place where she can make others happy.

“I realised that my favourite thing was making people smile; that was what I was passionate about. When I came into Australia, I was working in a marketing job and I was really lacking that thing. I did some soul searching, and the thing that always made me happy was making other people happy and that was what I needed to do.

“Once a year I would travel home to America, and while visiting would buy quality party supplies I couldn't find in Newcastle or in Australia and bring them back for parties I would host at our home - I love a good dinner party! One night about 3.5 years ago, I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a shop in California that I thought looked cool selling premium party supplies, and I wondered why there wasn't anything like that here.

“Palm & Pine came to be as a combination of finding a gap in the market, and wanting to fill it, as well using my past experiences to do something that I really enjoy doing.”

Palm & Pine Party Co offers the best of the best when it comes to party supplies. Boutique pieces from across the world, as well as customisable party décor, baby gifts, drinkware, cards, gift wrap and so much more! The insane balloon bar, partyware, and gift range really gives you the reason to celebrate every day.

Now the name originated from quite a fun background!

“Our French bulldog, Palmer, was named after Palm Trees. Originally, I wasn’t sure how long I would live in Australia, and I wanted to give her a name that reminded us of the beach. So, we started shouting out random words and palm tree flew out of my mouth. Then I just said Palmer and it’s just stuck!

“And Pine. Well, pineapples have just always been a general theme in my life. I use to write a blog called The Pineapple Cake, because I love to bake. It all kind of stemmed from the very first cake that I ever made leaked all over the oven and all that was left was this tiny yellow sliver of cake with a hole in the middle that looked just like a pineapple. So, that’s where pineapples kind of started being a thing for me.

“So, Palm & Pine totally fit and with the whole vibe of the store, being like my home and I want people to feel like they’ve been transported into this fun oasis. It all just came together.”

Andrea boasts such a fun and bubbly personality it’s hard not to crack a smile as soon as you enter the store. The light airy space is filled with so much colour, it’s easy to have a little fun walking around.

“I wanted to be a part of people’s special occasions and the important moments in their life. I wanted to help people create memories that they were going to remember forever.”

Visitors can expect to get their hands on some unique party supplies that you’d be hard done to find anywhere else in the area. Andrea works hard sourcing products from all around the world; America, Canada, England and even France.

One thing that the space has become known for in Newcastle, is their incredibly stunning balloon creations. Yep, who knew balloons could be so god damn stunning! You might have caught one of their incredible installations at Westfield Kotara during store launches or special events, but would you believe Andrea had almost decided NOT to offer balloon services?

“Would you believe that we almost didn’t do balloons in our shop! That would have been a mistake! Our balloon services basically are our bread and butter now.”

Whether it’s a big creative balloon garland and installation or personalised balloons; these are your team! Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that ALL of their balloons are 100% biodegradable.

“We use the highest quality balloons you can find, and our personalised balloons can be so much fun! We can put logos, names, numbers; absolutely anything you want, we can put it on there!”

If you’ve got a party to prep for or you’re looking for a special gift for a special someone, head along to Palm & Pine and celebrate every day with Andrea, her team and even their little furry friend, Palmer!

Palm & Pine Party Co.

67 Parry Street, Newcastle West, NSW, 2302

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