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MEET: Rhys Nicholson

We chatted to Rhys prior to his upcoming show at The Spiegeltent Newcastle | 16 Jun

MEET: Rhys Nicholson Image
Hello there. It’s me, Rhys, from comedy. Would you like to come to my comedy concert? Why not, you know? It will be nice. Hooray!
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The Spiegeltent Newcastle is fast approaching and we thought, what better way to get hyped up for the event than to chat to one of the featured acts!

Rhys Nicholson, Newcastle born and the now Melbourne living comedian is bringing his vibrantly hilarious personality back to town for one night only. We may have already bought our tickets, but we wanted to know what we were getting in to, so we found out just what we can expect from his show at this year’s Spiegeltent; Nice People Nice Things Nice Situations.

You're originally from Newcastle and coming back to perform as part of Spiegeltent. How does that feel?
I'm quite looking forward to it. I love doing shows in my home town because I can talk about really specific locals’ things. It also feels sticky.

Were you always the funny one in the family growing up? Or has being funny come to you with age?
I think I definitely wanted to be the funny one but really wasn't. It's taken ages. I have been doing stand up for 10 years and I reckon I got funny last year. Maybe not even then. Maybe I'm not funny? God, you've set off a pretty deep existential crisis here.

How would you describe your humour to someone that hasn't seen your show before?
Oh, I don't know, a bit dirty but not mean? Filth with heart. I wear my dick jokes on my sleeve.

The comedy scene is quite a hard nut to crack, how did you find your way to where you are now?
I did one gig 10 years ago that went ok and I've been basically just fumbling my way through. Please let me make it clear I have not, and never will know what I'm doing. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to email me.

We know you live in Melbourne, but is there any chance Newcastle will see you return indefinitely?
What a catch 22 question. There is no way to answer this without offending someone. Look, you never know. I love Newcastle. I reckon it's a great place to grow up so it it'd be a nice place to raise a family. I come back anytime that I can and always enjoy it. 

What can we expect at your show; Nice People Nice Things Nice Situations?
Jokes? Hopefully an audience. I am really quite happy with this show. It's just hours of fun jokes. My last couple shows have had some heavier stuff in it, but this year is just silly stories and mean opinions. Come on down!


With The Spiegeltent Newcastle kicking off later this month, make sure you don’t miss out on one of Newcastle’s most dazzling line-up of entertainment. For the entire program, click here.

Where: The Spiegeltent Newcastle
When: 16 Jun | 8.30pm
Tickets: $40pp
More Info: click here

Civic Park
Newcastle 2300
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16 Jun
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