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Meet the Makers

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Amelia, Ailie, Morgan and Gab have formed a one-of-a-kind collaborative space to share their creative works
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There’s a beautiful new space in Adamstown housing essential oil perfumes, handmade solid gold jewellery, flowers, apparel and made to order furniture. Maker is a collaborative effort by creatives Amelia, Ailie, Morgan, and Gab to bring shoppers back to knowing where their money goes and walking away with high-quality items that are going to last forever.

All four of the girls have their own creative businesses, but as a collective, came together to make their individual dreams of opening up a shop a reality.


“We all knew of each other, but it was honestly all by chance, and when this popped up and we all had our side hustles… and it’s all worked out so perfectly,” says Amelia.



Opening in August, the store has been praised by locals and the girls are loving being able to grow and learn from one another whilst still promoting their own individual brands.

“We’re all quite new so we get to learn and grow together which has been really good,” says Morgan.

The jewellery made by a. Is Amelia’s brand of jewellery and clothing (coming soon) that has been killing it across Newcastle for the past 6 months.

“I have made by a. So, that’s jewellery and clothing in a few weeks. I studied fashion design [TAFE] and learned how to do the jewellery at the Adamstown shed… I’ve always been drawn to fashion, even as a little kid I use to cut out magazines and make outfits…I can’t really see myself doing anything else,” says Amelia.


Next is the stunning floral arrangements that grace the stores' windows, Valenteen, created by Morgan whom is currently undertaking a floristry course.

“I really love working with flowers that have a really different sort of texture and style to what you can get like in the mainstream shops…it’s super fresh, like two months fresh! I work with a lot of natives that will dry out and wreaths that are going to last a long time… It’s been really good to kind of build my brand working with these guys; it’s really pushed me forward,” says Morgan.

Augie, the handmade panties and furnishing is the handiwork of Ailie whom is passionate about using ethical and sustainable materials. The panties are mostly all 100% merino wools, organic cotton or pure fibres that are going to last a long time; buy a pair of these panties and they’ll last a long time.

“The furniture as well, my boyfriend is a carpenter, he’s really handy! So, I design them, and he makes them. For the timber we use all quality timbers and source it locally so that’s putting into small businesses in Newcastle which in turn is putting into our business.

“I love interior design and I love fashion. I thought it might be weird to do panties and furniture, but then I thought, why not,” says Ailie.


Lucky last, but certainly not least, is the incredible aromas created by Gab, of The Sixth Scent. Studying herbal medicine, Gab was tired of not being able to find a subtle perfume that wasn’t overpowering, so 6 months ago, she started up her own label!

“I started the Sixth Scent to celebrate the therapeutic properties of essential oils and how they impact our psyche. Initially I just began blending perfumes for myself, eventually friends and family were recruiting me to make some for them so I suppose it just grew from there," says Gab.

“I wanted to provide people with an alternative to synthetic fragrances on the mainstream market that is safer for us and the planet…the relationship between humans and plants has existed since the beginning of time; I feel like nowadays that connection has become lost in our fast-paced world. Overall, my main aim is to bring us back to our senses and provide the opportunity to reconnect to ourselves, others and the wider world”. 

The name maker perfectly encapsulated what all of the girls do,

“It was a bit of a brainstorm. We had a shared file and threw some names about, and I think it resonated the most. It’s what we do. We make,” says Morgan.

“The second we heard it, all of the others went straight out the window,” says Ailie.

The girls at maker have big plans for the  space, and for the brand, so get in now to support their first venture!


603 Glebe Road
Adamstown 2289
Mon - Fri: 10am - 4pm
Sat: 10am - 3pm
Sun: 8am - 2pm
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