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The bespoke collaborative store and studio has moved to Parry St.

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Amelia, Ailie, Morgan, Olivia and Gab have formed a one-of-a-kind collaborative space to share their creative works.
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Shoppers can bring their shopping back to basics and purchase items knowing exactly where their money goes. Apparel, herbal skincare, flowers, and jewellery are collaged together in the space from the girls five key brands – studium, UNIFORM, a., val ent een and HALLE, as well as showcasing a range of local art, ceramics, and publications. Maker store & studio continues to create a unique buying experience where shoppers can see exactly where a product comes from, how it is made and can even have the chance to meet the maker behind it.



The jewellery made by a. is Amelia’s collection of jewellery that has been killing it across the city since her launch in May 2018.
“I believe in a collection of everyday adornment, to lift you up and create your personal style. Growing your collection with mindful purchases, supporting small & local is what a. and maker embodies. I adore and appreciate jewellery for the memories attached to each piece as well as its beautiful ability to send love to someone close to you, or for yourself when you need it most."- Amelia




Next is the stunning floral arrangements that grace the store's windows, val ent een, created by Morgan whose work you might have been lucky enough to see at HUNTERhunter’s recent Dessert Bar.

“Val ent een tries to nourish a feeling of connection with nature, the people around you and yourself through flowers. I’d love for people to bring flowers back in to their everyday, like a fresh bunch on the kitchen table every week and sweet simple thank you bunches to their neighbours. My favourites are curious textures and unique shapes, finding a sculptural form in each individual stem and bringing them together as an art piece.” - Morgan.

UNIFORM is the newly rebranded work by Ailie formerly of augie. UNIFORM is a capsule based clothing label of refined trans-seasonal wardrobe essentials. 

“I really wanted to create a concept that was ethical, timeless, and authentic. Having one size only, making everything with longevity in mind, designing my garments without trends and with quality materials makes it so easy for people to see the value in purchasing UNIFORM on so many levels. 

The idea is to have the ‘perfect’ of everything, the perfect Tshirt, the perfect black coat, the perfect long pant.. and with this you can create infinite amount of outfits for years and years to come therefore being your ‘uniform’ I have big plans for the near future, UNIFORM is not just about clothing and underwear, it’s about everything essential in your wardrobe. I’ll leave you hanging.” - Ailie

Olivia brings HALLE to the store, the slow fashion label which bears virtuous means at the forefront of every design. HALLE produces handmade clothing in house for the conscious consumer. The timeless designs and sustainable processes of HALLE are perfectly aligned with the ethos of maker.

"I graduated from TAFE last year after studying for over 2 years, I could hardly sew two seams together when I started. It was there I fell for quality natural fibres and learnt the truth behind the fashion industry. HALLE was then born from the love of slowly producing clothing and aimed to educate the consumer of the journey a pieces of clothing goes through before it reaches the racks." - Olivia

Lucky last, but certainly not least, is the incredible skincare range created by Gab, of studium. Studying herbal medicine, Gab was tired of not being able to find a subtle perfume that wasn’t overpowering, which is where it all began. She has since re-branded and expanded her products.



"I re-branded from The Sixth Scent to studium to give myself a little more wriggle room. Since the re-brand, I've launched a skincare range with holistic underpinnings & an emphasis on high quality, organic, plant based & sustainably sourced ingredients. In the new shop I've also got a lot of my raw ingredients for sale.

Customers can come in and buy oils, clays, exfoliants & herbs like you would in a bulk food shop. You can also bring you old bottles back for a refill or have custom products made. Overall, my main aim is to make plant medicine accessible for all & to use skincare as a ritual- something we can use as a daily refuge in our busy lives."

The name maker perfectly encapsulated what all of the girls do,

“It was a bit of a brainstorm. We had a shared file and threw some names about, and I think it resonated the most. It’s what we do. We make,” says Morgan.
“The second we heard it, all of the others went straight out the window,” says Ailie.
The girls at maker have big plans for the brand, so get in now to support their first venture!


Maker Store & Studio, 148 Parry st
Newcastle 2300
0491 602 890
Mon 10am-4pm
Tue 10am-4pm
Wed 10am-4pm
Thu 10am-4pm
Fri 10am-4pm
Sat 10am-4pm
Sun 10am-4pm
1: -32.926357
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