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We asked 25 under 25 year olds

Millennials make up a whopping 15% of the population in Newcastle (2013 ABS Stats) & they're constantly getting a bad rap in the media.

Considering millennials take up such a large portion of our city's population, shouldn't we be asking ourselves; are millennials really lazy and entitled?

Keen to see if there is any truth behind it we caught up with a bunch to get to the bottom of what they do with their time. Read on, you might be pleasantly surprised.

1. Brunch on Darby Street
According to our group, brunch in Newy is best enjoyed on Darby Street. With heaps of cafes to choose from, impressing your mates will be easy! Some of their favourites include The Autumn Rooms, Coco Monde, and don't forget WIA Store for their legendary Acai Bowls. Or if you're a coffee aficionado it has to be Core Espresso, Hubro or Welsh Blacks (although not technically on Darby Street, it's pretty darn close).

2. Getting active outdoors

Getting their activewear on, heading outside and enjoying a run or walk is high up on the list. Venturing along any of our local beaches or coastline, anywhere from Merewether to the ANZAC Walk, King Edward Park, Newcastle Beach, Nobbys, the Harbour, Honeysuckle, Wickham, or Carrington. It's the cheapest way to get fit!

Here is a list we've put together of eight local running trails for you to try, all scenic and all full of Instagramable views (because if it's not on Instagram do you even exercise?).

3. And indoors
Whether it's at The Parc in Cooks Hill or through the Forum at The University, indoor team sports like netball and soccer are super popular among millennials. It's the perfect way to catch up with your mates when everyone is super busy at work, uni or just life in general. Plus, you get the added bonus of keeping fit.

4. Heading to the beach 
Newcastle has so many beaches to pick from and they're all spectacular. So, it's no real surprise under 25's (if not, everyone) are constantly heading along for a quick dip between shifts at work or settling in for a full day sesh. Don't forget to pack the frisbee and the sunscreen! 

5. Going to the pub for trivia & a cheap feed
With the majority of our millennials studying or working at low-paying jobs, being strapped for cash has a lot to do with what they get up to! Getting a group of mates together (the smarter the better) and heading to trivia is one of the best (and cheapest) ways to stay social and keep the brains working! Check out our list of the best pub trivia and cheap feeds in Newy. 

6. Checking out the markets
Chilling out and going slow is the perfect way for our millennials to start the weekend right. With a trip to the  Olive Tree Markets on Saturday morning; it's all about enjoying the vibe, hunting down some new clothes, grabbing some snacks and enjoying the live music.

7. Instagram Inspo
Social media, especially Instagram, basically runs a millennials life let's be honest. If something looks good on Instagram expect it to be the next on-trend thing. Whether that is a café, location, boutique, or activity you can expect our millennials to have grammed it and moved onto the next thing pretty bloody quickly.

8. Weekend Trips
While there are many millennials taking off overseas at the first chance they get, it seems that the ones that are staying here are still suffering from a case of itchy feet. So, what do you do when that next long weekend comes around, or you just decide to skip Friday's lecture? Throw a tent in the back of the car, gather a few friends and start driving!

9. Dancing up a storm at King Street, Argyle House or The Sydney Junction Hotel (SJ's)
No matter how much the world around us changes, everyone needs a good boogie to shake the stress away. Wednesday and weekend nights are still jam-packed with millennials heading out for the night. Just a few vodkas, or maybe it's beer that's more your thing, there's usually somewhere in Newcastle open to get down on the d-floor.

10. Staying home, drinking wine and playing board games with mates
Since when did our youth get so sophisticated? It might be the empty looking wallet, but more often than not, it's just about getting cosy with your mates and having a good laugh. Just add cheese, bickies and some cheap wine and you're in heaven.

So, are our local millennials really all that bad? If all they do is solely for the Gram, turns out it's steering them towards some pretty great activities. According to our list, they're exercising regularly, being seriously social and even somewhat cash savvy. Maybe we could all tear a page out of their book and learn to live a more millennial lifestyle!