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Thalassa Swim

Local swimwear designer, stylist and fashionista

It seems like no one has just one job anymore. When I asked Merewether native, Nicole Lucas, what her job title was she responded with, “a contributing fashion and beauty editor of Girlfriend Magazine, director of my soon to be released swimwear line Thalassa and a freelance celebrity stylist”!

Lucas moved from Newcastle at 17 years of age to attend the FBI Fashion College. “While I was there my main thing was to intern and network, and I literally worked at night and interned during the day.”

Over the years Lucas has worked for different well-known stylists and magazines in Sydney and overseas. She is now focused on building her swimwear brand from Newcastle whilst still travelling back to Sydney for shoots, Girlfriend Magazine and different events.

Tell me about your swimwear line that is about to launch in April?

My swimwear label is called Thalassa meaning ‘the Sea’ in Greek. My family is from a place called Ithaki and all the bikinis are named after places there.

Do you think there is a strong creative/fashion scene here in Newcastle?

Yes, but people don’t always show it. Newcastle is a small town and it has a small town mentality. For example, you go out here and everyone is wearing the same brand dress. It’s like something is on trend and everyone likes the same thing, no one likes to step out of the comfort zone. I have always worn weird clothes; I’ve toned down a lot. I used to get ripped off all the time for what I wore.

Do you think it is possible to have a career in fashion in Newcastle?

I think it is because I am doing it, but it is a lot harder because I think you need experience first, then move back [to Newcastle]. There is a small fashion scene here but it would be great if it were bigger. You do have to have those connections. You do need to be travelling to Sydney, for a stylist there isn’t much work here.

Do you have any advice for someone in Newcastle who wants to start their own fashion line or business?

Do your research and be prepared that things are going to go wrong. Things have already gone wrong for me. I think a lot of people start fashion brands and fail because they don’t have the background in fashion, and they think its just easy and it’s really not.

Describe your personal style?

Street style mixed with Rihanna and also mermaid. I love anything with sparkles, glitter and colour. I always wear trainers as well, I have like 300 pairs.

When you are not working, what do you like doing here in Newcastle?

If it’s not raining I love the beach. I love to shop because I have a shopping addiction and exercising…just the standard kind of Newcastle lifestyle.

What is your favourite café?

I go to Blue Door (at Merewether Beach) every morning for coffee. Food wise I really love Talulah’s, and for dinner Arrivederci the Italian restaurant because my boyfriend’s family own it and I’m like addicted to eating the pasta from there.

Where are your favourite places to go out and have a drink?

The Basement, 5sawyers, Terrace bar, all those kind of places. I love pubs though, I love pub food, I am not one of those fashion girls that only eats lettuce I like big meals.

Thalassa Swim