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Kara Wood Ceramics

Classes and workshops for all ages

It is very meditative...people get addicted to that.

Kara Wood has been doing Ceramics for over twenty years. Inspired by her high school art teacher Kara admits, “I always loved tactile, I can paint, I’ve been taught how to paint, but I like having my hands dirty, basically that is what it is.”

Part of the Newcastle Community Arts Centre, Kara Wood Ceramics has recently moved from Newcastle West to the TAFE campus at Tighes Hill.

“Doing clay is like doing yoga’, explains Kara, “it is very meditative and very mindful, when you are making something you are really just focused on the making, so people get addicted to that, because in our crazy world it is the only down time they get.”

Kara offers both classes and workshops for people of all ages. Regardless of experience or if you are doing it to start a business or just as a hobby, everyone is welcome.

Seating about 16 students at a time, the types of workshops include a salad bowl class, a succulent pot class and a throwing class. There is also a joint workshop yoga class available which includes an organic lunch.

Kara herself tells us that she likes to keep every Friday purely for her own work. “I do exhibit, I try and exhibit once a year” Her most recent exhibit was a collaboration with Holly Marlin at The Gallery Shop in Cooks Hill.

Check out her full list of classes and workshops via her website.

Kara Wood Ceramics

91 Chinchen Street, Tighes Hill, NSW, 2297