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BBL is about to become your new BFF

If someone told you that they could stop your skin from ageing, would you believe them or would you think they were full of BS?

I’d think the latter, but I’d still be keen to give whatever it is they're talking about a go. Who could pass up the promise of ageless skin right? So what is this magic dust or super cream? It’s neither, it’s called BBL (also known as Broadband Light Therapy) and it's a very quick 20 minute skin rejuvenation treatment. 

Until I spoke to  Coco's Registered Nurse Melissa, I'd never heard of BBL or the Forever Young study, so I'll admit I was a little skeptical. However, after my half an hour appointment/Q&A time with Melissa, see below, I was keen to give it a go.

Mel's confidence and experience is reassuring to a BBL virgin like me. No messing around, straight to the facts about how BBL will help repair my skin. Followed by a few of those before and after treatment pics, which really are quite incredible.

So what is BBL?
The Broadband Light technology is a light based device that is used to treat pigmentation, redness, hair reduction and also provide long term skin rejuvenation.

Is BBL a laser?
No, BBL is a light based treatment.

How does BBL work?
BBL works by selecting a desired wavelength of light that penetrates through the skin and targets either pigmentation or redness. It heats the target destroying it and creating a more luminous and even complexion. 

I’ve never heard of BBL before, is it new? 
No, we have been performing BBL treatments for well over ten years and it continues to produce superior results.

What skin issues does BBL treat?
Sun damage, pigmentation, freckles, redness, rosacea and hair reduction. BBL promotes long term skin rejuvenation including significant reduction in fine lines and improved skin texture with ongoing maintenance treatments.

Will BBL work on me, I am not that old?
Yes, the treatment is beneficial for all age groups especially younger skin as it will prevent early signs of ageing.

I am a bit of a sook, is it going to hurt?
BBL feels similar to the snap of an elastic band to the skin, it is tolerated by most clients very well.

Am I going to look hideous after the treatment, I was planning on going out tonight?
You can apply makeup immediately after treatment. If treating pigmentation, your pigment will present darker initially and then flake off within 7 days. If you are treating redness you will look redder initially but makeup will cover the redness easily.

When can I expect to see results?
Within two weeks your pigmentation and redness will be noticeably clearer. Clients suffering from rosacea or excessive redness will require up to 6 consecutive sessions to clear the condition after which maintenance of 1 – 2 sessions per year is recommended.

Do the treatments have permanent results or do I need to keep coming back?
For optimal results 1 – 2 sessions per year are recommended.

What skin type is BBL best suited to?
Most skin types are suitable for treatment.

What is the forever young BBL study?
The BBL studies showed that long term BBL treatment improved the skin cell at a DNA level. By rejuvenating aged skin in this way, BBL encourages aged skin to behave like younger skin creating a youthful glow and drastically improving the overall appearance of skin tone and texture.

So I took the plunge and 20 minutes later, and only a few OMG that feels uncomfortable, weird and slightly painful moments, I came out the other side.

Yes, there was some minor bruising and red marks but nothing offensive, I’ve looked way worse after a big night out, and nothing some makeup couldn’t disguise. Five days later it had all but disappeared.

Gone now are most of those horrible red looking veins around my nose, the pimply condition on my forehead and the red blotchy things on the side of my face, yeah I was a mess! Instead my skin now has a more flawless, dewy kind of appearance and really does look a little younger. I also LOVE that you only need 1 or 2 treatments a year!

It may not be for everyone but if having flawless, youthful skin is something you're into, it's worth booking yourself an appointment so you can start turning back the clock.