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No limits, no rules and no boundaries, how weddings were supposed to be

anteloping: exclusive, adventurous & unique elopements.

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, from your extravagant no expanse spared, to smaller less elaborate affairs. Then there's Anteloping. Best described as an intimate, no more than 15 guests, and adventurous style of wedding that brings together the best in the wedding biz so your day is as stylish, tasty, well organised and of course beautifully captured no matter where the location. 

Joel Alston, otherwise known as Barefoot & Bearded, is the brains behind this unique concept with Joel keen to bring something unique to the wedding industry and create a wedding day that he enjoyed shooting just as much as the bride and groom enjoy being apart of.

This isn't your typical wedding and Joel isn't your typical wedding photographer with Joel quite openly saying that he's not a fan of those predictable, same-same wedding locations. In fact the more outrageous and crazy, or perhaps epics a better word, the location the better.

In addition to guaranteeing some awesome photography Joel says that the team from Anteloping will organise everything from flowers, to hair & make up, catering, styling and that all important celebrant. The team will work with you to bring your big day to life, the only thing you'll need to work out for yourself is what you wear and where you lay your head.

If your keen to learn more than check this stunning Blue Mountains wedding of Amber & Johnny.

And this is Joel...