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Malibu Cafe

The beachside café with a Malibu twist

When you want a café experience that hits all the right notes and delivers nothing short of a quality experience - Malibu, Wamberal is exactly the place!

The calibre of talent behind this café is the reason that the venue booms confidence.  Nathan and Jax Darling, are indeed the new darlings of Wamberal; these two sea changers migrated north with their young family in February after decades working in some high-profile Sydney establishments. 

malibu cafe wamberal central coast

Nathan is a former Executive Chef of Sails Lavender Bay and Gunners Barracks Sergeants Mess; Jax was across at OTTO and we must not forget to mention the experienced duo managed Bannisters Mollymook for 2 years. This dream team know what they are doing!  

Many locals watched with anticipation when it was evident a café was going into the space left vacant by universally loved Lotus Café.  When the new development was finished it was time for Jax and Nathan to add the finishing touches.

The walls are bestowed with a stunningly handcrafted wooden paradox herringbone feature. They have also engaged local talent in Zachery Treseder to create a one-off hand- painted surfboard which takes pride of place as you enter; and Georgia Ritter has been commissioned for an original aerial surf shot. Leaving the space bright and airy, Jax describes the cafe's style as ‘Coastal Lux’.

“We are a café that is beachy and local. We are in an iconic position and wanted something that associates the beach without saying the beach.”

Let's talk about that iconic position.  A stone's-throw from Wamberal Beach, in the heart of Ocean View Road and the Wamberal community – locals and tourists alike can be sandy feet, salty haired and comfortable in this new neighbourhood haunt.

It is the small details that you notice with Malibu. The thought given to the menu and customers’ experience - water delivered to your table when you sit down, an informed team giving you a balanced offering of food.

Let’s start with the cheeseburger.  You will be served a delicious cheeseburger and fries – however, this memorable moment has been carefully crafted by Nathan and Jax, from the sourcing of a bread bun that will hold its form, to a meat patty that is juicy and not too big, matched with perfect stacked layers of cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickles and a special sauce; you’re able to hold the burger in two hands and put it back on your plate without the usually inevitable end result of it falling apart.    

We did say the menu was balanced.  Jax talks us through the very pretty Superfood Breakfast Bowl, “it is super healthy, vibrant and importantly tastes really good” and it really does, the vanilla chia pudding, seasonal fruit and coconut yogurt blue spirulina tastes so good that it makes you question its healthiness! Jax continues that it is,

“refined sugar free, gluten free and vegan. The granola is made in house, the coconut yogurt is infused with the blue spirulina and we’ve tried to pack in as many superfoods as possible”

There really is something for everyone and the menu is regularly changing with Nathan having “taken inspiration from café food we really like.  Really fresh, super seasonal and twists on the classics.”

Over the summer the stand-out Prawn Roll is back on the menu joining the delicious and ever popular, super tasty Japanese Bowl filled with raw tuna, sesame brown rice, edamame, wakame, soft boiled egg, avocado and kimchi.

malibu cafe wamberal central coast

So, wander in with the family for Sunday brunch, off the beach to refuel or stop by after your morning run, Malibu is everyone’s neighbourhood café.