Newcastle West

The Green Altar

Returns home to The Edwards

Beloved House plant revivalists re-open The Green Altar.

Desert Sunday Collective first hit the scene three years ago with the celebrated House Plant Revival at the Edwards Bar and the team are excited to be returning home to the Edwards as they re-launch The Green Altar.

Bringing back their vision to “create an experience that connects people to nature,” the Green Altar is all about the New York style hole-in-wall experience that you can escape to when looking for that perfect plant/pot combo to bring your own spaces to life.

From everything to suit collectors and enthusiasts right through to first-time plant buyers, The Green Altar inspires those interested in beautifying indoor spaces and bringing the outdoors inside. 

Director of The Green Altar Amanda says, “COVID has made us all appreciate the importance of our indoor spaces and how the little things can really make a space feel like home. The joy that greenery brings to our lives is more relevant now than ever.”

Keeping the green alive through COVID, Desert Sunday continued bringing the plants to the people through online plant parties, but will now welcome Novocastrians through their doors once again.

For three years Desert Sunday has been bringing locally grown ferns, succulents, orchids, and accent foliage to Newcastle and surrounds. 

Andrew and Amanda are the team behind Desert Sunday Collective, with a rich family history of over 40 years of experience in the local nursery and garden industry and say they are lucky to be able to bring new life to the CBD. 

"The space gives us the opportunity to further grow our plant-loving community, giving them a regular space to connect, form new relationships, and pursue their interests and passions. Parry Street has developed into an amazing hub of creative activity over the past few years and we are excited to see where this creativity can take the Green Altar," said Amanda. 

The Green Altar is now open at The Edwards Bar in their new retail space - Shop 2, 148 Parry Street, Newcastle West.