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Susuru Ramen & Gyoza

Get into Susuru and try their May special collab with Shayne Mansfield

Newcastle has for many years punched well above its weight in the culinary scene, and renowned chef Shayne Mansfield has long been a large part of this diverse and quality food fabric.

From humble beginnings on the Sunshine Coast, Shayne’s culinary experience and adventures have seen him traverse the globe, from London to Italy, Spain, France and North America, all of which have influenced his knowledge and skills as a chef. Shayne was awarded One Hat by Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food Guide 2022 and is now the Head Chef at QT Newcastle.

Susuru Ramen Gyoza

Throughout this journey there was one cuisine in particular that Shayne acquired a soft spot for — Japanese. It's this cuisine that is the setting for the ultimate collaboration with Newcastle’s Ramen & Gyoza Restaurant, Susuru.

Shayne’s ramen creation is a combination of miso roasted chicken frames, kombu and corn cobs, black garlic puree, soy cured yolk and roasted kelp oil, garnished with nori and a fried enoki to finish.

susuru ramen gyoza resaturant

So how did this collab come to be?

“I have always loved everything Japanese – the people, culture, cars, food, tattoos, and of course the knives,” Shayne said.

“I’ve always managed to utilise in one way or another Japanese ingredients into my cooking, but to venture out of my comfort zone and attempt the humble ramen solely is both exciting and daunting.⁠

“Doing this collab with the guys at Susuru is a great bridge to see both concepts come together.”⁠

The Autumn Ramen by Shayne Mansfield is available until May 31 – it’s an epic collaboration, and one not to miss!

Susuru Ramen & Gyoza

140 King St, Newcastle NSW 2300

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