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Newcastle East

Edmonds & Co

A fusion of New Zealand culture and relaxed local vibes

Located in the stunning setting of Newcastle East, Edmonds & Co is just a short walk from the beautiful coastline of Newcastle Beach. This brand new cafe space could be your new hotspot for great coffee, hearty food, and beautiful, friendly faces.

“We've longed to open a restaurant, cafe, or bar and we knew we didn't want to do it in Sydney or Melbourne. We had been looking for somewhere with a nice balance of lifestyle and I just fell in love with Newcastle. I remember bringing my wife up here and we were walking along the break wall at Nobby’s and we saw five humpback whales jumping over and we looked at each other and went; yep, this is the spot.

“I called Amy and told her I found the spot and she committed over the phone from London; having never even been to Newcastle before,” Kai told me.

The owners behind this beautiful new cafe are the Kiwi brother and sister duo, Kai and Amy. The pair have both had stints across the UK and Europe but are now both happily calling Newcastle East home.

The name ‘Edmonds’ originates from the New Zealand baking brand; Edmonds, that has been around since the late 19th century. What the brand is really known for in the land of the kiwis, is its iconic family cookbook that can be found in almost every family home; The Edmonds Cookery book.

“It's a part of us that we want to share. We are going to bake a delicacy from the cookbook once a month and have them as our counter treats for those who just want a bite with their coffee,” head chef, Haimona tells me.

If you check out the cafe’s logo, you might just recognize the bird illustration, as it’s the native New Zealand Fantail. But funnily enough, the only place where you can spot the Fantail is on the east coast of Australia and in New Zealand.

“We thought it was a nice connection between where we’re from and where we are now. And to play between Australia and New Zealand and what’s made us, which is time in both countries,” Amy said.

Head Chef, Haimona has worked alongside Amy and Kai to create the ultimate menu full of simple, uncomplicated yet scrumptious food. Our pick of the menu has got to be the house-made baked beans; you won’t regret ordering this one!

“We wanted to bring in food that we loved and influenced us as kids while bringing in the New Zealand cafe culture,” Kai said.

The duo was really clear in their minds that coffee was going to be the cafe's anchor and was passionate about finding the right flavour profiles.

“We wanted to use local coffee roasters, and once we discovered Glitch Coffee Roasters, we knew they were the ones. We have created our very own blend of coffee with Glitch, which was so important to us,” Amy told me.

Head barista Tyler has allowed this very unique blend to come to life with his seriously talented coffee skills. You might have spotted Tyler before as he has had quite the extensive and diverse career across the Newcastle coffee scene.

“I love working here because I feel as though I can express myself through the coffee,” Tyler said.

The pair have created such a homey cafe that will be sure to be a hit with both locals and tourists alike. With the interior boasting a warm colour palette that opens up the space and really invites us customers in.

“Creating a welcoming friendly workspace for our staff is very important, we hope this means it will be less formal for our customers, so they feel welcome and at home. We hope they feel as though they can come in and have a chat. Ideally, we’d love to create a community and network of customers who get to know each other and come and say hi.

“We are currently open for breakfast and lunch however closer to summer we hope to stay open a little bit longer so people can enjoy a glass of wine after a day at the beach,” Kai and Amy mentioned.

Keep an eye on these guys, as Edmonds & Co will be one to watch as they have even further planned for over summer.