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Celebrate with $0 joining fee + 4 weeks free | 23-31 Oct

For 29 years, Newcastle’s Urth Fitness (formerly Planet Fitness) has been committed to not raising their prices, and for the 29th birthday celebrations, they’re offering an almighty deal for new members – $0 joining fee plus four weeks free if you sign up between 23rd-31st October, 2023.

urth 29th birthday sale

Having been at the forefront of our local health and fitness industry since its inception in 1994, we caught up with second-generation Director, Gjenae Rosekelly (daughter of Dallas) to chat about all things Urth Fitness.

urth 29th birthday sale

You’re celebrating 29 years in business this October, what have been the biggest highlights?

Urth Fitness began as a family business with one location in Lambton in 1994. It’s still a family business, and it’s still the most affordable gym in Newcastle, but the biggest highlight has been watching the incredible growth throughout the years and adapting to new health and fitness trends.

From 1994 we have launched to 3 locations and 10,000 members across Newcastle. We have members who have been with us from the beginning, and they have watched us build the Spa Rooms for recovery and relaxation, expand to having 75 classes on our weekly schedule, and then our massive rebrand last year.

Our community has stood by us as we have changed and grown, and that is really special. Our members are the heart of every decision we make, and so ensuring what we do suits them is imperative to our everyday success.

urth 29th birthday sale

What was the catalyst behind doing your 29th birthday sale?

We love a celebration here at Urth Fitness. Whether it be small wins, big wins, or a birthday! We just want to share the love and welcome new people to our judgment-free community.

What does your 29th birthday sale involve and how do people sign up?  

You’ll get four weeks free PLUS no joining fee on all our memberships, until the end of October. You can come into one of our locations at Lambton, Charlestown, or Belmont, or you can sign up online. Our members also get a bonus, if they refer someone and they join then we’ll give that member two weeks free on their membership too.

You offer memberships from as little as $5 per week – will this incredible, too-good-to-be-true offer continue into the future?

Our commitment to the Newcastle community is that even though 29 years have gone by, we aren’t budging on price. We will always have a membership that starts from $5 a week because everyone should have access to improving their health and wellness. No matter who you are, it shouldn’t be a luxury to attend the gym.

Can you run me through the benefits for the $9.95 per week membership?

Our Platinum $9.95 membership gives you some mind-blowing perks. On the gym floor, you’ll be able to bring a friend for free every time you workout, and you get full access to our luxurious Spa Rooms.

We have infrared Saunas, Hydro-Massage Lounges, Massage Chairs, and then my personal favourite – our Spray Tan Booths.

Where else in Newcastle can you find a perfect spray tan for $10 a week?

Our Spa Rooms are designed to help you recover and relax after a workout, and our private and automated spray tan booths are encouraging a safe way to be golden all year long.

urth 29th birthday sale

If you could describe the philosophy of Urth Fitness in three words, what would they be and why?

Acceptance, Community, and Affordability.

The first one is a response to the biggest reason we hear about why people don’t come to the gym. People are scared to walk in the door due to the idea they will be judged, look out of place, or not feel welcomed.

We can promise you will feel at home and accepted as soon as you step in our doors. We are full of people who look and feel just like you, and that is why our community is so important.

Our community also takes on board our judgement-free policy and they know to make others feel welcome too.

Then, of course, affordability is our ongoing promise and something that we will never change.

urth 29th birthday sale

Next year, the business will be celebrating the big 30! Have you got any big plans you can tease us with?

We absolutely have some HUGE things in store over the next year. We are looking at even more upgrades and adding some exciting new classes. We are constantly committed to adding new equipment (we just put in Pendulum squats for all gyms, and belt squats for Lambton and Charlestown) and there have been more purchases made that we are excited to announce soon.

Ahead of us turning 30 the newest upgrades will be something to keep your eye on. Plus, we’ve got to throw a 30th Birthday Party to remember – and we have more on the way that we are excited to announce soon.

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