The Awards

Rookie of the Year

Spotlighting the next generation of talent

This one is for the up-and-comers; the rising stars; the ones to watch; the movers and shakers. Rookie of the Year celebrates the next generation of talent in Newcastle’s bar industry.

Rookie of the Year can make excellent drinks, sure – but they also bring plenty of passion, dedication, and ambition to the table.

This award recognises a talented individual who’s committed to on-going training and furthering their career in the industry – and we’re celebrating them right here, right now.

* All applicants must have worked as a bartender for either less than two years as of  June 23, 2024, OR be aged 23 or younger by June 23, 2024. 
** This award is open to all rookies who are working in a venue that is located within the Newcastle LGA.