Journey around the world with Natalie Walton and discover the meaning of 'Simple Living'

Essentially ‘This Is Home’ is about simple living and how to focus on our values to create authentic homes full of meaning and joy.

On our recent At Home visit with Natalie Walton we discovered that in addition to Natalie's  stunning home and interiors store, Imprint House,  Natalie has also ventured into the world of publishing with her first book, 'This Is Home'. 

We chatted to Natalie to learn a little more, 

"I spent a considerable amount of time sourcing sixteen homes as case studies and shot them specifically for the book, all in one go, all in two weeks. The homes were from all around the world; Los Angeles, New York, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London, Italy, France, and Morocco.

"It was a big project and it took the best part of last year to complete. Finding the homes took a lot of time, I was concerned about getting the right mix and featuring homes that felt fresh.

"We were shooting every day for two weeks, aside for some travel time, and yes it was exhausting, but it was never going to be a leisurely trip. It was a big undertaking, particularly the writing which I actually thought would be the easiest part as that’s my thing. However what I discovered was that when you work on a project which is such a personal one, and when you’re trying to put your own thoughts and philosophy on what it means to make a home, it takes a lot more consideration.

"At times I started getting quite theoretical which I didn’t want to do, trying to get the tone and content right was really tricky. I wanted the book to be applicable to people who are in the industry but also people who don’t have that design training so trying to come up with something broader and timeless was a challenge."

This Is Home doubles not only as a beautiful coffee table book but a fascinating read. The photography, which is exquisite, takes you on a journey around the globe and a glimpse into the lives, and homes, of some truly inspiring people.