Brittney Saunders' Maryville fashion boutique to close its doors | 11 Feb

Brought to you by Newcastle local social media personality, Brittney Saunders, FAYT The Store is closing its Maryville store this Sunday, 11th February 2024. Pop in to see the team to say one last goodbye to this beautiful space.

We're keeping an eye on FAYT's Instagram to find out where FAYT will be popping up next...

Original article below published 2020

Does anyone else find it really difficult to find a last-minute outfit? Whether it's for that weekend picnic you've got planned with your girlfriends or the family get-together at the local, a visit to Newcastle's newest retailer, FAYT (pronounced like fate) might just be at the top of your to-shop list.

FAYT The Store opened its doors to the public in December 2019, and is the creation of Australian beauty influencer and local Newcastle girl, Brittney Saunders. Saunders' FAYT The Label has been operating since September 2018 purely as an online retailer, but with so much continual growth in the business, and the need to relocate to a bigger space, a retail space just made sense.

“When I began FAYT I had no idea I would open up my own store. We started the business in my garage with only a few plastic tubs with clothes in them, after a few months we moved into our first warehouse.

“When we outgrew the warehouse, we found this space and as soon as I walked through, I knew it was made for us.”

From finding the space, to opening the doors was about five months in the making. Saunders' completed the entire store fit out herself with the help of her friends and staff members. 

So, why retail and why now?

Well, Brittney has had quite the busy career from the early age of just 16 years old and is now recognised as one of Australia's most well-known and relatable influencers. Now 26, Saunders has turned her passion for empowering women into her businesses; FAYT The Label and more recently Staple Swim. Both brands that cater for Australian sizes 6 to 20, spreading the message of inclusivity.

Launching Staple Swim in September last year, the brand received an insane amount of attention that surprised the entire team.

“It’s not easy being a woman in this day and age and it’s safe to say that this ‘social media world’ has put a cloud of pressure on all of us to look a certain way.

“Being a consumer myself, I often found most difficulty when shopping for swimwear. Being a different size in every store, having to size up two sizes, things digging in and simply not having enough coverage in the right places. One of my biggest goals for Staple is to have a consistent size range that is true to size so that women can shop with confidence.”

With Staple Swim available in store, alongside FAYT The Label and an array of other retailers, you're bound to find a piece suitable for whatever event or get together you're shopping for.

“Aside from our in-house brands, we stock a bunch of other retailers from Quay Australia, Booby Tape, and Therapy Shoes. We wanted to make sure we gave our shoppers more variety! We are constantly changing up our stock and adding new arrivals every week.”

Head along to FAYT the store and make the most of a more intimate and fun shopping experience.

“My team and I have so much fun chatting to all the amazing women that come into the store. My goal with my store is for it to be an experience more than anything else. I have become aware of how unwelcoming some retail stores can be so I strive to provide our customers with wonderful customer service and an overall great experience.”

FAYT The Store generally has it's doors open from Thursdays to Sundays, be sure to stay up to date with their weekly opening hours via their Facebook page or Instagram account.