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Botanical Signature

An organic & luxe skincare range handmade in Australia

This is a beautiful product both on the skin and the way it's packaged.

After years of research and testing ingredients, Asako Takada put her experience into practice creating a beautiful range of skincare called BOTANICAL SIGNATURE. Using only organic and natural ingredients Asako's range makes for the perfect everyday product.

What was your motivation to create a skincare range of your own?

For the past four years, through my research and studies of medical Aromatherapy and Ayurveda (ancient Indian remedies), I was fascinated and drawn into the origin and making of all skincare. And I absolutely fell in love with it.

When I started to create skincare and household products, I came to question the types of unhealthy ingredients used in our everyday products. My focus then turned to creating more organic and safe products for everyone, which led to testing recipes and skincare workshops, where my kitchen became the lab.

Given the skincare market is such a crowded one how did you go about differentiating yourself from other brands/products?

Living in a social media and digital age, we have so many products to choose from and it can be very confusing to us. In such a competitive market, I believe that being genuine is the key. In our brand BOTANICAL SIGNATURE, we use only quality ingredients and minimal packaging. We keep our brand down-to-earth and focus on natural beauty.

Who would love Botanical Signature?

Our brand is for people who seek genuine, healthy, ethical, and safe products. We create products with an honest mind by using ingredients free from chemicals, synthetic fragrance and colour, and use 100% no animal testing; just with real ingredients. It is also for people who are passionate about enhancing their own natural beauty for the long-term.

We design an experience for our customers - a kind of excitement - as if they were opening beautifully wrapped chocolates or sweets. In our case, it is the experience of opening our ‘cocooning’ washi wrap.

What has been the biggest challenge in setting up Botanical Signature

Before launching BOTANICAL SIGNATURE, I spent countless hours of research in selecting the best ingredients for our product. It was equally challenging to design and develop the aesthetics of our brand that is not only visually pleasing but also appeals to the customers who do not compromise on their skincare products, as my obsession for the best led to the creation of BOTANICAL SIGNATURE.

What product in your range must everyone have in their bathroom cabinet?

The Brightening Facial Oil Serum with Vitamin C is an amazing serum, we call it “Luxe Organic Oil.” With Pomegranate Seed Oil, precious Neroli Flower and Rosemary Essential Oil, it reduces lines, dark spots and helps to illuminate the skin tone. When you are after an emollient, the Facial Oil Serum with Vitamin E is the one to choose. It contains the oil of the Japanese Cypress, Hinoki, and the centuries-old Essential oil, Frankincense, and replenishes your skin with a relaxing, subtle, woody grounded aroma.

If you have dry hair, the Healthy Glow Hair Oil Serum is fantastic to apply after blow-drying. It helps to maintain a softer, silkier texture with the super oil of Argan Morrocan oil. We recommend keeping the Restoring Hand & Nail Oil Serum not in the bathroom cabinet, but on your bedside table so you can apply it before you sleep, or in the kitchen to apply a few drops on your palm before washing the dishes to protect from dryness.

The use of Washi Paper in your packaging is a beautiful touch, how did you come to know about this traditional paper making?

I spent months with my design team, discussing the best way to represent the concept of our organic products, and the nature inspired packaging. The making of washi paper is a unique traditional process, all hand crafted with care, using the techniques inherited from the ancient Japan. It was a perfect match to select washi paper for our brand as it is made of 100% organic plant-based material and ethical, which also connects to my Japanese heritage.

Where would you like to see Botanical Signature in the future?

I am passionate about what I do and being genuine with BOTANICAL SIGNATURE, the nature-inspired brand. We believe in both ethically and environmentally friendly products that comfort and nourish our busy lives. We will be expanding our skincare range and lifestyle products. 

The next up-coming products will be our atelier blend herbal teas which cleanse your body. We have a holistic approach, cleansing your body not only from the outside but also inside out. There is so much more to come for BOTANICAL SIGNATURE and I am already so excited to think about what comes next!

Botanical Signature

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