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Hear from Al - owner of Unison Coffee Roasters

In just a few years we’ve seen the local coffee scene grow from just a small bunch of cafes to over 100 new and established cafes in Newcastle as well as a number of locals trying their hands at roasting their own beans.

At first it was just one, then two and now there’s over ten just here in Newcastle. Making us coffee lovers pretty proud of the booming scene.

To know more about the local scene and what happens behind the scenes, we chat to local coffee aficionado, Alaric Daley; coffee guru at New Slang Coffee Brewers and head roaster at Unison Coffee Roasters.  

Want to know more about our local coffee roasters? Check out our list below.

Unison Coffee Roasters

Born from over a decade of experience in the coffee world, Alaric has been developing his knowledge for coffee since the get-go to now opening up their very first café; New Slang Coffee Brewers.
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new slang coffee brewers hunter st newcastle

Floozy Coffee Roasters

The women-centric coffee brand is owned by bubbly pair, KMAC and Cill. Floozy began with a dual purpose; to roast delicious coffee and to give women a space to feel comfortable in the coffee roasting scene. Shop online for coffee beans, coffee accessories, and Floozy merch.
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floozy coffee roasters newcastle

Darks Coffee Roasters

Some fifteen years ago Trent and Adam decided it was time to give up critiquing every coffee that passed through their hands, instead, it was time to have a crack at the roasting process themselves. And so, the story of Darks Coffee Roasters began.
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Sprocket Roasters 

Created in the industrial heart of Newcastle, Sprocket Roasters’ coffee is brought to you by a rogue collective of engineers, farmers, lawyers, teachers, winemakers and yoga instructors; all who have quit their day jobs to pursue a passion for coffee.
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SMAK Coffee

The boutique coffee roastery owned and operated by Graeme Thrift and Mick Beggs. Graeme, alongside his wife own the trio of cafes; Lane Espresso Bar, Corner Lane and Little Lane. And Mick, is the owner of Georgetown cafe The Oily George and Winding Creek in Cardiff.
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Josie Coffee 

Tucked away in a little corner of Gateshead is this boutique coffee roaster that creates some big coffee flavours all whilst telling the story of a beautiful lady taken way too early. The local coffee roasters have recently launched Josie Coffee Bar, next door to their roastery; and it packs a punch!
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josie coffee roasters newcastle

Peaberry’s Coffee Roasters

Starting back in 2000, owners Adrian and Debbie set up a market stall at the original Honeysuckle Growers Markets selling bags of their coffee to the people of Newcastle. Now, Peaberry’s is a bustling café on Maitland Road serving up their coffee in a coffee bean version of a cellar door.
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Crema Coffee Garage

Located in Broadmeadow, Crema Coffee Garage is home to not only a roaster, but also a showroom and an espresso bar. The local brand has their beans in over 300 cafes across Australia.
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Glitch Coffee

The passionate team are all about sharing knowledge and helping café owners bring the best coffee to their customers. Specialising in high quality, consistent coffee that is fully traceable back to the farmers.
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Silverskin Coffee Roasters

Launched in October 2012, Silverskin Coffee Roastesr is a micro roastery with an aim on quality specialty coffee produced sustainably and ethically.
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Bliss Coffee Roasters

The small, family operated artisan coffee roasters are based in Rutherford providing specialty coffee to cafes and individuals across Australia.
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