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Corner Lane Espresso

New Lambton's best and brightest Espresso Bar

No sit down meals here, coffee is the star attraction!

This is not your average run of the mill espresso bar. Instead of opting for the latest, top of the line espresso machines that almost run by themselves, these guys have selected a 1963 Faema president lever machine. This gorgeous old girl was chosen for her ability to bring the love back into coffee making. Each coffee requires meticulous attention to detail, every coffee is lovingly watched and caressed.

Bear in mind though that it is an espresso bar, not a cafe. And the locals are appreciating it, with many regulars coming in during our visit ordering their usual.

Local couple Sarah and Graeme opened up Corner Lane Espresso in mid-2014, they were looking for a change of lifestyle to enable them to spend more time with their young family and wanted to give back to their local community. They absolutely love coffee, so they thought they would do something they love, and do it bloody well.

If the steady stream of locals pulling up out the front for coffees is anything to go by, then these guys rock. Most days you'll find their star barista Ruby behind the coffee machine, who not only makes a great cuppa but remembers orders. There is even a prepay tab chalked up on the wall.

Whether you are a flat white junkie, or a piccolo lover, you'll enjoy your coffee here, savouring either their full bodied robusta house blend, or one of their rotating single origins roasts from Peak at Port Macquarie. Why not step outside your normal and try their barista shot - a double shot ristretto using a 21 gram basket. Whatever you choose, you won't be left regretting your visit.

Corner Lane Espresso

1/15 Alma Road, New Lambton NSW 2305

Today - 0630 - 1400