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Darks Coffee Roasters

Small batch coffee roasters at the stadium in New Lambton

Some fifteen years ago Trent and Adam decided it was time to give up critiquing every coffee that passed through their hands, instead, it was time to have a crack at the roasting process themselves. And so the story of Darks Coffee Roasters began...

Fifteen years on and not only are Trent and Adam still talking to one another, but they’ve converted their dream into a warehouse in Mayfield West that’s become their roasting headquarters and where they pump out a bunch of different Blends and Single Origin flavours. And now Trent and Adam can add café owners to their resumes.

If you’ve driven along Turton Road you’ve more than likely noticed the neat little shipping container that not only has ample parking at any time of the day, but parking right at the cafe's doorstep. Perfect on those running late for work mornings. Darks also makes for the perfect early, early morning pit stop opening their doors at 5.30am Monday through Friday.

Trent and Adam explain how this location wasn’t initially what they had in mind, but the new digs have grown on them.

Now we’re not coffee experts so we won’t do any critiquing ourselves but believe us when we say these guys take their coffee seriously, sampling, cupping and critiquing each and every batch they roast.

So on your next visit to Darks Coffee Roasters you can expect a cup of something special.

Darks Coffee Roasters

294 Turton Road, New Lambton, NSW

Today - 0530 – 1400