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To return in 2024

Event organisers Luke Tilse (The Happy Wombat & Young Street) and Taiyo Namba (Nagisa, Susuru & Âpé) are super keen to get the festival happening.

newcastle beer fest

Starting out as a collaboration event for Honeysuckle, called the Boardwalk Beer Festival, when Luke started his business at The Happy Wombat he had been thinking about running his own event, around the same time Taiyo asked if he was interested in doing the beer festival again, and that’s how the partnership was formed, as Luke explains further,

"The main reason we started the festival was to support the indie beer movement, which has its own label now so when you go to the bottle shop you can see it displayed on all the indie-produced beer, it’s the same concept as the Heart Foundation Tick on food."

There will be a big lineup of independent brewers - stay tuned for the full announcement for the 2024 festival.