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For classic Italian style pizza. Maitland Rd Mayfield is the spot!

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When it comes to pizza, it’s a fact that it’s all about the base, but a good base doesn’t happen by chance, it’s also all about the quality of the ingredients within.
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Chris McNicol, owner of Westside Pizzeria on Maitland Rd, Mayfield explains,

‘Pizza is seen as a fast food but we really believe our pizzas are healthy. Our dough is just yeast, olive oil, water, a touch of salt and flour, which we import from Italy. Likewise with our tomatoes we use San Marzano tomatoes and we’re always getting lots of comments on how good our base is’. 
Westside Pizzeria
So what is Westside Pizzeria and why doesn’t it have some Italian name like Giuseppe or Luigi's?

Chris says, ‘Both myself and my wife Fairlie were originally from Sydney, we’re not Italians so we didn’t want to put a name to the business that might give that impression, even though our product is very much Italian inspired.

‘We relocated to Newcastle because we wanted to raise our children here, we loved the lifestyle and we’ve been living in Mayfield for about 10 years now. Basically, we felt that Mayfield was a microcosm of what is going on in Newcastle. There’s been so much change happening in town and now it’s gradually making its way over here.

Westside Pizzeria


‘Let’s be honest this used to be a fast food strip, there were always a couple of quality restaurants like Ruan Kao, Ying King, Mayfield West Kebabs & Charcoal Chicken and Barrio but the suburb is definitely changing for the better.

‘Having lived in Mayfield for some time now, we wanted to get more involved in the community and we thought by setting up a business like Westside Pizzeria was a way of doing that. I’ve never, in my 33 years of working had so much job satisfaction providing something a little bit different for the community and getting to know them has been a lot of fun.’

And the pizza, well we couldn't get enough of it, and this is why....

Westside Pizzeria
‘We use Fior Di Latte cheese, which melts and spreads and gives the pizza that real milkiness, all the other products we use are sourced from Australia.

‘Whilst we initially looked at investing in a wood fire oven it wasn’t an option cost wise and we simply don’t have enough space so we went for an electric model that has a stone base. Whilst it’s not a wood fire oven it’s not far off it in flavour. There is still a lot of manual labour involved, a lot of turning of the pizza, so the end result you get is that classical Italian finish.’
Westside Pizzeria


Fairlie said, ‘We’ve always been quite obsessed with Pizza, it’s a food that everyone loves. For about three or four years we talked about having our own pizza business, but it wasn’t until this space became vacant that we really decided to take the plunge.’
Westside Pizzeria
Trained by the award-winning pizzola Danilo Refini, of Pinocchio South Yarra, Chris describes the Westside style of pizza as having a classical Italian finish, but will still appeal to the whole family. So yes it’s ok to ask for chicken or pineapple on your pizza.

Preferring to keep things simple you won’t find any salads or pastas on the menu, but things are about to change with the menu expanding to about 20 – 25 pizzas, just the excuse we need to keep on coming back!


Shop 1/191-197 Maitland Rd
Mayfield 2304
0490 866 886
Westside Pizzeria
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