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Slab Cheesecakes

The Islington kitchen has released its newest cheesecake creation

We first tried the deliciousness that is Slab Cheesecakes in June 2023, when we dropped by its Islington kitchen to chat with co-owner Waz Parnell about how the buzzy business came to be.

At the time, we were lucky enough to sample an unreleased Slab product – bite-size cheesecakes called Shots. While we loved Slab's individual and large cheesecakes (known as Slabs and Big Bois, respectively), we quickly became obsessed with these moreish, crisp shells of chocolate filled with smooth cheesecake.

We can finally say that Shots are officially available for purchase at Slab Cheesecakes, after months of us daydreaming about when we could next get our hands on these scrumptious little treats.

slab cheesecakes islington

There's three flavours you can get your mitts on right now – White Choc Lemon, Dark Choc Raspberry, and Milk Choc Caramel – with more to come in the near future.

Shots may be small, but they're big in flavour – we reckon you won't be able to stop at just one. We certainly couldn't!

slab cheesecakes islington

You can either order online and pick up your cheesecakes, have your goodies delivered, or head to Slab's Islington kitchen and grab a treat to go. 

When Waz started Slab with his business partner Arch, he certainly didn't expect the business to skyrocket the way it has since its inception a few years ago.

Slab Cheesecakes Co-Owner Waz Parnell
Slab Cheesecakes Co-Owner Waz Parnell

In fact, the idea for Slab was one that began as a daydream. After bringing a cheesecake for Christmas dessert a few years ago, Waz Parnell quickly became sought after for his cheesecakes among family, friends and colleagues. 

Waz and Arch floated the idea of turning Waz’s cheesecake skills into a business, and the rest is history.

Slab Cheesecakes is all about creating decadent cheesecakes that are, to quote Waz, “good for the soul.”

If the local love for Slab Cheesecakes is anything to go by, Waz and Darren are clearly onto something. Waz says it’s all about finding a niche.

“We come up with a lot of other ideas, but we always come back to thinking ‘Let’s stay in our lane’, whatever that means in the cheesecake world… We just focus on our thing and do it really well,” Waz said.

There’s currently thirteen flavours available in Big Bois and Slabs. Think creations like Biscoff, Peanut Butter, and Dark Choc Spearmint, just to name a few.

Slab Cheesecakes’ creations strike a balance between sweetness and the tangy goodness we expect in a cheesecake, making them incredibly addictive.

With walk-in demand picking up over recent months, the team are working on a Slab Cheesecakes storefront in the Newcastle CBD. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this exciting new space.

Slab Cheesecakes isn't slowing down any time soon – good news for cheesecake lovers.

Slab Cheesecakes

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