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Have you visited Reece Hignell's cake shop yet?

Cakeboi is the name and it’s the first step into the retail world by Newcastle cake maker Reece Hignell, and it promises to be something pretty damn special.

If you’re not familiar with the face or the name here’s a quick recap. Reece was a contestant on Masterchef season 10, coming in 6th, and returned again to the Masterchef kitchen in the 2020 series “Back To Win” finishing in 5th place.

When we caught up with Reece at his new space in Hamilton, Reece chats us through how the last few years have been a pretty wild ride,

“I’ve been working out of my kitchen at home which we renovated to sustain the intensity of the cake business. I think because Masterchef was on this year things have been going crazy. People have been driving from Sydney to buy cakes, someone even drove from Mudgee just to get a tart.”

cakeboi reece hignell cafe hamilton newcastle

For those who have followed Reece on his Masterchef journey you may be aware of how it all began, which was long before Masterchef was even a thing, and was everything to do with his nan.

“Cakeboi is going to be about those classic cakes, really old school desserts, like what my nan used to bake. This whole business is a homage to my nan.”

“Growing up we used to help nan at the Warners Bay markets, which she had a stall at once a month, and I remember on the Saturday night before mum and us kids would stay up to bake and pack, and then we’d get up early on Sunday morning to help at the market until they sold out, and people loved her cakes.”

cakeboi reece hignell cafe hamilton newcastle

So, what kind of old-school desserts can you expect?

“My two signature cakes will be the lemon tart and custard sponge, classic CWA (Country Women’s Association), I’ll also have some savory options, so there is a little brunchy vibe.”

As Reece chats us through the concept of Cakeboi he is literally bursting with enthusiasm and anticipation with what is to come,

“I’ve worked in hospo since I was 14 and I’ve had in my mind what the perfect business would look like, and this is now my chance to put those ideas to the test.”

cakeboi reece hignell cafe hamilton newcastle

Visitors can expect gorgeous baby pink tiles, a spectacular display cabinet, and touches of Cakebois signature baby blue. Bench seating will be available indoors and out with Reece explaining that he wants Cakeboi to become a hub for good coffee and quality cake.

“Everything will be made on the premise by me, except the bread which I won’t be doing yet, with a little bit of love and attention going into everything, and importantly there will be a cake to fit everyone's dietary requirement. There’s going to be a vegan cake, there’s going to be gluten and nut-free cake options.”

Get on down to Cakeboi in Hamilton and experience Reece Hignell's newest venture!