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The Prickle Shed

From prickly beginnings, big things grow

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Great friendships usually start in a happy place...
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Perhaps on a night out or on the sporting pitch, through work, school or at uni. Some friendships are so old you can’t really remember how they even began. But in the case of Liz Saunders and Juelene Douglas, theirs started off a little differently. A little prickly you could say.

Meeting at an auction, both bidding on the same Dawson St home in Cooks Hill, things between Liz and Juelene started to get a little heated. Being the last two bidders they went about one upping each other bid after bid, daggers being thrown across the bidding floor each determined to outbid the other. Whilst Liz was the eventual winner it was perhaps luck, or fate, that saw Juelene snap up the property right next door, they now share a common wall.
The Prickle Shed
These once mortal bidding enemies, now practically roommates, decided it was time to let go of their angst and be neighbourly instead. Turns out the ladies had much in common and following a 10 minute conversation over a game of bowls at Lowlands they decided they should go into business together opening a little shed, A Prickle Shed, which would sell all things prickly.

The Prickle Shed offers up a striking collection of cacti and succulents with Liz and Juelene delivering to your home or office door, check their website for delivery details. The Potted Cactus or Prickle Pots are a perfect gift alternative to the traditional bunch of flowers offering longevity and low maintenance. Housed in a handsome terracotta pot the Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large Prickle Pots also make for the perfect office desk accessory or decorative piece at home.
The Prickle Shed
The Prickle Shed
The Prickle Shed is where all the action takes place, from sealing and painting pots, to planting and stamping the brown paper bags. The ladies are hands on in every way. Whilst purchases are online only every so often Juelene opens the doors to her beautiful home for you to visit the Prickle Shed, which is in her back garden, and browse the entire collection. Keep an eye on their insty page for open days and times.

There’s a lot of love out there for The Prickle Shed and whilst this almost full-time job has to squeeze between the kids, day jobs and their very gorgeous dogs both the ladies say that it doesn’t feel like work at all, more like a lot of fun and hard work with a best friend.

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Online anytime.
The Prickle Shed occasionally opens its doors to the public, keep an eye on their insty page.
"Same day" delivery is only guaranteed if orders are received by 11am.
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