The Share Shop

A library of things

Just like a normal library, its a collection of things that you can borrow instead of buying!

A way to help you spend less on the things you don’t need and use less space to store items in your home, The Share Shop aims to limit people buying things they might only use once or twice by opening up a library; not of books, but of things!

Starting just a few months ago, the Share Shop president, Emma explains what The Share Shop is really all about,

“We want to reduce waste and stop useful things ending up as landfill. Borrowing instead of buying also gives you the opportunity to try new things before you invest in equipment.”

Currently stocked with a huge number of items varying from garden equipment, tools, kitchenware, and even board games! You name it, they probably have it!

The Share Shop is a non-for-profit association run by an incredibly dedicated team of volunteers, which means all of the membership fees head straight back to the running of the shop.

The space is in a complex of sheds, with shed 11 is home to the Share Shop, and the team is often mingling with their neighbours to provide a vibrant community hub.

If you want to learn more about the Share Shop concept, if you have items in your home that you rarely ever use, or you can’t stand the thought of spending money on something you’ll only use once or even if you’re intrigued and just want to learn more about the concept, then listen up!

The team is hosting an information evening this Thursday to talk about the benefits of borrowing and want to share more about the concept behind their ‘library of things’.