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Scoop your own at The Junction

Most of us look at eating healthily and shopping sustainably as an impossible task. Luckily, Scoop Wholefoods has made it easier, stocking organic, natural, and sustainable products whilst promoting zero-waste shopping.

Scoop Wholefoods, inside Junction Fair, offers a unique shopping experience. They’ve made your weekly shop easier to budget and meal prep, by letting you scoop your own portion sizes. This means you only take and pay for what you need!

scoop wholefoods junction fair the junction newcastle nsw

Since 2016, this family-run business has been providing Novocastrians with a minimal-waste shopping option. There’s a wide range of products on offer, meaning you could almost do your whole grocery shop there. 

With no plastic used in the entire store, customers can choose how they would like to store their goods. You have the option of bringing in your own containers, using the paper bags provided, or buying some of the beautiful food storage containers for sale in-store, that you can use again and again. 

scoop wholefoods junction fair the junction newcastle nsw

Scoop limits waste, produces quality products, and provides shoppers with product health information about everything in-store. There are so many amazing products on offer in-store, including the addition of Scoop Whole Beauty.

scoop wholefoods junction fair the junction newcastle nsw

Scoop Whole Beauty’s core philosophy revolves around the idea that you can have it all – high-performing makeup and skincare products that are not only natural but also stored in sustainably sourced and crafted eco-friendly, refillable packaging.

Speaking with owner Daisy Kirk, who explained in more detail,

"We've curated Australia’s first seamless closed-loop cycle that embodies sustainability from start to finish. Our formulas are made with pure earth minerals and only pure and clean plant-based ingredients, ensuring optimal results without compromising on purity."

Scoop Wholefoods The Junction

"All of our products are made by a team of multi-award winning eco-cosmetic specialists and our products are scientifically formulated. Our innovative packaging solutions not only reduce waste but contribute to a circular economy. This means that every aspect of the Scoop Whole Beauty experience is designed with not only the customer’s, but the planet's wellbeing in mind."

"We strongly believe that our story would resonate with the readers of Hunter Hunter who are seeking beauty options that prioritise their health and the health of the environment."

Located in the luxurious soap room, the beauty bar promotes sustainability whilst maintaining quality products that are vegan and cruelty-free. You can get your hands on essential makeup products such as foundation, mineral powder, lipstick, eyeshadow, and more. 

scoop wholefoods junction fair the junction newcastle nsw

Standout products include refillable liquid foundation bottles and empty makeup compacts – ready for you to fill them with the pressed products you regularly use.

Get ready to embody sustainability from start to finish at Scoop Wholefoods and Scoop Whole Beauty.